Survey Software Prices

Option 1

Use our online survey tool


  • Custom branding
  • Secure SSL encryption
  • Assessments & scoring
  • Unlimited surveys & responses
  • Unlimited phone & email support
  • Generic domains
    Create short branded URLs for surveys using our generic domain name:


Premium features +
  • Custom scripting
  • Use your own domain
  • Use your own email server
  • Custom email for invitations
  • Disable opt-out msg
  • Manage bounced invitations


Ultimate features +
  • Active directory login
  • Dedicated install/database
  • Neutral branding of admin tool
  • Other customizations

Option 2

Install software on your server


  • Custom Branding
  • Email invitations
  • Unlimited surveys & responses
  • Web services API
  • White label / private label
  • One year of support & free upgrades


Professional features +
  • Object API
  • Response audit
    Initial entry and subsequent edits of all answers is tracked in the audit trail. Also, the audit trail includes the date and time when data was created, edited or deleted, and the identity of the participant.
  • Multi organizations
    Separate your users into distinct working groups (organizations, divisions, departments, teams, etc). Each group can have its own system administrator and users. Users in a workgroup have the option of sharing their surveys, libraries, templates, and reports. Includes a distinct "From" email address for each group.
    *** All users must belong to your organization ***
  • Server synchronization
    Scenario 1: Surveys are designed and tested on a test server then later pushed to the production server.
    Scenario 2:
    The system is installed on several laptops and response data is collected without an internet connection. At a later time all the data is synchronized to a central location once the laptop’s web connection is restored.
    Scenario 3:
    The system is installed on different servers located at different remote locations. Surveys can be designed in one central location and pushed out to the different installs. Responses collected in multiple installs can be merged in a central warehouse for unified data analysis.
  • Active directory & Single sign-on
  • One year of support & free upgrades
Add more options:
Expert installation (requires remote access) $250  
Source Code ASP.NET + C# (Enterprise version only) Call us
More accounts, servers, or need a special license?
If you want to add survey capabilities to your own service or product to allow your customers to create and design their own surveys, you need a special license.
Call us
Total amount (USD):  $0
I accept the terms of the software license agreement

Academic and non-profit organizations get a 10% discount. Call us before you buy.

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