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Survey software demo
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Survey software demo video

Novi Survey is an enterprise online survey software that allows for the creation of sophisticated online surveys and data collection forms. Responses to online surveys can be collected by posting links on a web site, by sending email invitations, or by manual data entry. This demo video will show you an overview of the Novi Survey software and authoring survey tool and how to access the main features of the survey software. Also it will explain how the information is organized and accessed through out the survey application.
Sample Survey in English

Sample online survey

This sample survey demonstrates some of the advanced question types and branching logic available for you to use in your own surveys using our online survey software. It includes skip logic, embedded images, question piping, star rating, uploading of files, matrix questions with multiple segments, date inputs, and open ended comment questions
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Sample Assessment in English

Sample online assessment

This sample assessment demonstrates the capabilities of the online survey software in creating online assessments where the respondent goes through a series of questions and based on the answers provided, the system calculates a total score for each assessed category. The scores are then displayed to the user as points or percentages in a custom report which includes score analysis and custom interpretations based on the score range values.
Take the fitness assessment
Assess your personality type
Sample survey with embeded video

Sample Survey with embedded Videos

This sample survey demonstrates the capabilities of Novi Survey tool to include embedded content such images and videos. The videos can be streamed from any website such as YouTube and played within the survey page itself.
View survey with embedded videos
Sample Survey Report

Demo survey report with charts and statistics

This report demonstrates the online survey software reporting capability such as completion and drop-off analysis that shows how many participants answered which questions in the survey and includes a drop-off analysis graph and table.
Sample survey report
View question types

Survey software question types

Novi Survey supports over 100 question type variations that include:
  • Multiple choice questions such as Radio buttons, checkboxes, and drop down lists
  • Multi-matrix questions with numeric ratings, radio buttons, checkboxes, or free text
  • Rating and Ranking questions such as stars or text box rankings
  • Demographic questions such as names, addresses, and optional custom fields
  • Open ended text questions, single and multiple lines, numbers, dates, and large comments
  • File uploads and a other visual elements such as lines, formatted text, images, etc.
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