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Hosted online surveys

  • Instant access – No software to install
  • Always available and up-to-date
  • Easy to learn and easy to use
  • Safe and secure using strong encryption
  • Multiple plans for every need
  • Free unlimited phone and email support
  • Total branding with your logo and colors

Installable survey software

  • Install software on your own servers
  • Perpetual license that never expires
  • Free survey software upgrades
  • Easy to install and easy to use
  • 30-day full money back guarantee
  • Free unlimited phone and email support
  • Enterprise solution with source code
Boston Medical Center
University of Florida

Did exactly what I needed and was intuitive to understand. Had a few failed attempts with more well known survey solutions but Novi Survey just worked.

Hosted online surveys

Online Survey Software If you want easy and immediate access, then use our online survey service and create professional web surveys without the hassle of installing any software - all you need is your web browser.

You can access your online surveys anytime from anywhere and the data can be viewed and exported out in a standard format at any time.

Our survey software service is always up to date and hosted at a modern data center
Located in Boston Massachusetts, our data center is a secure facility equipped with ultra reliable connectivity, multiple high-speed fiber networks, and the latest in physical and digital security to service and protect your data.

Electricity is fed into the building through multiple entrances with redundant power feeds. We have a 1-megawatt diesel generator supporting the data center in the event of a power failure. In addition, a UPS Battery Backup System that is monitored and maintained, protects the data center power system.

Our data center has a fully redundant data center grade HVAC system. The system is powered with a redundant cooling tower and air handlers equipment that maintains temperature and humidity to rigid industry standards. The facility is also equipped with electronic smoke and fire detector systems.
with 24x7 availability. Your data is safe and secure using 256-bit SSL encryption.

Installable survey software

Novi Survey Software If you want full control over the survey software and the data, then buy the survey software and install it on your own web servers. Your users can access it from their web browser.

Written in state of the art Microsoft ASP.NET C# and AJAX technologies, our survey software is fast, reliable, secure, and easy to administer.

This flexible and easy to use web survey software allows you to create user accounts with specialized privileges and roles such as administrators, designers, data analysts, etc.
Our hosted survey service and installable survey software are used by many big and small organizations to conduct customer service surveys, satisfaction surveys, employee opinion surveys, student surveys, benchmark surveys, and market research surveys, and many many more.
At Novi Survey we do not just sell survey software, we provide you with an advanced and feature rich online survey tool to help you design the most brilliant and sophisticated online surveys and to allow you to collect, analyze, and present your valuable data with ease.

The advanced survey software is built from the ground up using state of the art ASP.NET technologies and designed as an enterprise solution that combined high security and performance while maintaining total flexibility and ease of use.

You can use the software online from our highly secure data center or install it on your own servers and collect responses either by embedding the surveys on your website, or by posting a link in your social media account, or by sending personalized email invitations.

Find out what your employees think, what your customers want, what your members expect, what your students need, or collect any other information that you wish to have. The availability of multiple language support, elegant templates, more than 100 question type variations, and extensive conditional and skip logic, allow you to create highly customizable surveys that will meet all your needs no matter how complex they are.

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