Survey Software Features

This is a summary list of the survey software features supported by Novi Survey. If you cannot find the feature you are looking for, contact us. For a detailed description of the survey software functionality, view our online survey documentation
Hosted Plans
Software Packages
Surveys no limit no limit no limit no limit no limit
Responses 25/mono limit no limit no limit no limit
Email invitations100/mo no limit no limit no limit no limit
Address book contacts100no limit no limit no limit no limit
Questions 10/survey no limit no limit no limit no limit
Advertisements nevernevernevernevernever
Survey branding with your logo
Secure 256-bit SSL encryption
Collaborate with multiple survey designer accounts
To create surveys, send invitations, and browse responses
  10no limit
Number of licensed servers (installs)12
Change the "From" email address display name
Change the "From" email address
Change the "From" name and address by organization
Remove 'Powered by' footer
Generic domains
Branding links with your domain name
Custom branding of designer tool
Multiple workgroups
Separate your users into distinct working groups (divisions, departments, teams, etc).
Offline data collection and synchronization
Modern look and feel
Feature-rich and user friendly
Web enabled with dynamic Behavior
Portal for surveys and reports
Includes filters to quickly find survey invitations and prior responses
Microsoft C# and AJAX technologies
Rich text/HTML editor for formatting text
Use images in rich text editor
Allows inserting images in questions, reports, completion messages, email invitations, alerts, etc.
Print survey or generate PDF
Branding of user registration, portal, login, and profile pages
Include company logo and name
Assign short names for organizing data
Short names are available for surveys, questions, and report section elements
Integration with MailChimp
Object API
Pre-loaded web application for fast initial access
Multi-language supportTrial
Designer/authoring tool available in English, French and Arabic
Spell checking for 34 languages
Ability to add new dictionaries to the spell checker
Take a survey in multiple languages
Auto-detect the user and survey taker default language
Set preferred language per user or organization
Create a survey in multiple languages
Competitor products force you to copy the survey to create one with a diff. language
Create questions in multiple languages
Create question libraries in multiple languages
Customizable messages for each language
Specify survey language in deployment URL
For surveys defined in more than 1 language
Export and upload of translations
Through excel files
Survey setupTrial
Validate a survey for errors and omissions
Messages defined for all languages, dates, completion action, response options, etc.
Copy and delete individual surveys
Within or across organizations
Delete a response or all responses for a survey
Organize surveys into folders
Sort survey by folders
Search for surveys
By survey, page, question or folder text
Archive old surveys
Filter surveys by folder and status
Export survey list to CSV file
Create a new survey by copying an existing one
Copy/move/delete individual pages within a survey
Copy/move/delete individual questions within a survey
Change all system messages by survey
Allow updates to surveys during data collection
Lock all responses by survey
Attach an existing template to a survey
Attach a mobile template to a survey
Mobile device is detected automatically
Specify a header and/or footer for a survey
Assign an owner/administrator to each survey
Assign privileges to a survey
Owner, designer, analyst, invitation sender, etc.
Limit the number of responses per survey
Allow bulk data entry
Allow a user to enter data on behalf or participants
Restrict participants to invited persons only
Require participants to login when taking the survey
Track participants
Anonymous, semi-anonymous, and identifying
Restrict the number of responses per participant
Allow participant to save and resume survey later
Limit the number of days for resuming a started survey
Filter responses by IP address
Track IP address of participant
Use cookies to track participants
Manage the survey by status
Design mode, open or closed for responses
Specify start and end date for a survey
Responses will be allowed only when survey is open
Show or hide the "Back" button on each survey
Show a wait splash screen at start of survey
Allow participant to print survey and generate a pdf
Print can be specified by page or entire survey
Define parameters and pass values to the survey
Used to track information, filter reports, in survey logic, or to show to participant in surveys, invitations or reports
Customize URL with a short friendly deployment name
Embed survey in a web page (iFrame) or post link on website (popup or link)
Short branded URLs using sub domains ,
Save and continue later
White label surveys
Survey completionTrial
Send an email to participant after completing the survey
Specify the body and the subject of the email
Send response by email when a survey is completed
Attach report PDF to completion email
Show a completion page with a custom message
Generate PDF of answers to a survey from completion page
Configurable in the survey setup
Display a graphic image in completion page
Show link to a report in completion page
Forward to report
Show link to answers in completion page
Specify an action when a user completes a survey
Forward to a website, forward to the portal, close the browser, etc.
Print/view response after survey completion
Display participant's score on survey completion page
Survey chaining using survey forwarding
Survey designTrial
Preview a survey during design mode
No responses will be recorded during survey preview
Option for single-page or multiple-page surveys
Include a title for each page
Include a different page introduction for every page
Add the name of the participant on every page
Randomize the question on a page
Merge and break pages within a survey
Copy, delete, and move pages in a survey
Preview a single page in the survey
Hide/Show pages or questions using advanced logic
Conditions based on responses to questions, parameters, or participant information
Skip pages logic/conditions
Skip to any page using conditions
Add questions as well as visual elements
Visual elements include text, html, dividers, images, etc.
Easily choose question type with element chooser
Copy/move items to any other location within a survey
Import questions from libraries or other surveys
Number questions per page or per survey
Modify questions while data collection is in progress
Create sections of logically related questions
Create table of content of sections
Participants can navigate to the section from the table of content
Track response time overall on the survey and on each section
Specify section completion action
Go to the next section, the main menu, or the completion page
Control section access and completion through conditions
Custom action per page through scripting
Through consulting services
Custom javascript logic
Defined at the level of each page in surveys
Search and replace
Replace any fragment of text in surveys, survey pages, or questions
Filter list of surveys
By folder, deployment status, archival status
Embedd survey URLs in Microsoft Office applications
Word, Excel, PowerPoint
Chaining of surveys
Route participants seamlessly from one survey to another
Control the width of data entry widgets
Text boxes, drop down lists. Allows fine level control over the width of matrix questions.
Quick survey navigation in preview mode
Disable question validation and jump to a page in the survey
Question optionsTrial
Multi-language question text
Style the questions text using a rich editor
Include a question short name and sub text
Include a comment field for a question
Control the label text and set it as required
Question type preview/chooser
Extract query string data and use in question text
Answer piping (including prior answers in the question)
Insert any answer from a previous question in the question text
Advanced piping for question generation
Auto generate new questions based on the answers to previous questions
Chain generation pipes
Require an answer for a question
Specify a default value for any question
Ability to specify minimum and maximum answer values
Answer validation based on question type
Set the maximum length for an answer
Predefined sets of answers
Show video/multimedia content
Randomization of answers
Sort questions
Sort pre-defined answers
Required answers
Default answers
Allow a 'Not Applicable' option on required questions
Allow a 'Other' option with comments
Users can add their own choice with comments
Add comment field to questions
Import answers from database
Change the question type without loosing typed text
Custom validation through scripting
Through consulting services
Dynamic on-page calculations
Show sum of values per row or per colum in matrices
Question typesTrial
More than 100 question type variations
Demographic question (Contact information)
Name, email, address, controlled state/province, user defined custom variables, etc.
Matrix (table) with randomized rows and/or columns
Multi matrix - side by side segments
Segments can be of different matrix types
Matrix - Numeric rating
Specify position, low and high values, invert ratings, make rating unique, etc.
Matrix - Radio Buttons (single answer per row)
Randomize row and columns
Matrix - Checkboxes (multiple answers per row)
Specify minimum and maximum number of answers
Matrix - Drop down list
Specify a list of values to appear in a drop down list for each column in the matrix
Matrix - Free text
Matrix - Numbers
Specify minimum and maximum values, restrict row and column sums, etc.
Matrix - Dates
Multiple choice
Required, sort answers, randomize answers, other option, show instructions, etc.
Dropdown menu
Radio Buttons
Horizontal layout with columns, vertical layout with number of rows, borders, etc.
Checkboxes -single answer
Layout - horizontal with columns, vertical with specific num. of rows, borders, etc.
Checkboxes - multiple answers
Specify minimum and maximum number of answers
Date -Single
Specify minimum and maximum dates
Date -Multiple
Number - Single
Specify minimum and maximum numbers
Number - Multiple
On the fly formatting of numbers
Commas and decimal point added automatically as numbers are entered
Constant Sum
All entered values should add up to a constant sum
Text - One field, single line of text
Specify width and the maximum number of characters
Text - Multiple fields, single line of text
Text - One field, multiple line of text
Specify width, height, and the maximum number of characters
Text - Multiple fields, multiple line of text
Masked fields for common data
Phone numbers, US postal codes, Canadian postal codes, etc.
Stars, circles, squares, triangles, text boxes, maximum value, etc.
Likert Scale
True-false, yes-no, agree-disagree, fast-slow, 1..5, etc. (over 30 choices)
Image upload
Single or multiple files
Generic file upload
Single or multiple files
Page divider
Specify the length, thickness, and color
Use our advanced HTML editor to get creative
Specify the alignment for the image
Specify the alignment for the text an style using the rich HTML editor
Specify what characters are allowed and the length of the captcha
Prompt in text boxes
Text in field disappears when the field is entered
Advanced logicTrial
Survey branching/skip logic
Page conditions to hide/show page
Compound multi-level conditional logic
Set page conditions on each page
Assign multiple conditions per page
Logical operators for creating page conditions
Greater than, less than, equal, not equal, contains, provided answer, regular expressions, etc.
Combine conditions to create powerful AND/OR logic
Unlimited number of page condition groups
Constrain the number of responses per survey and per participant
Conditions on multiple types of data
Questions, response attributes, scores, parameters, participants
Question librariesTrial
Create question libraries for reusable questions
Libraries can store questions for multiple languages
Libraries can be public or private
Public libraries can be shared by other users
Import questions from and to libraries
Survey invitationsTrial
Create one or multiple invitation groups per survey
An invitation group holds the email text and the list of invitees
Send invitations by language
Send invitations by email or paper
Specify send date and time
Send invitation reminders
Specify the number of reminders of the days in between
Send invitation to a single person or multiple
Send invitation to an address list or multiple lists
Restrict invitation to the ones that have not been invited
Invite only those who did not respond previously
Indicate how to count an invitation as responded
When email is clicked, a question is answered, or survey is completed
Email invitations in HTML format
Specify the subject and email body of the invitation
Specify a different subject and email body for reminders
Users can click on a link to decline a survey invitation
Users can click on a link to opt-out or unsubscribe
Each invitation will get a unique link
Add survey parameters to the invitation link
Copy, delete, activate an invitation
Email invitations to a filtered subset of email lists
Summary invitation report
Show number of invitations, responded, opted out, declined, bounced, failure, etc.
Detailed report for a single invitation
Force re-send of a single invitation
Forward invitation replies to the invitation sender
Specify invitation 'from' field for each invitation group
Decline and opt-out management
View, create, or revoke declines and opt-outs
Tracking of undeliverable emails
Marks corresponding email addresses as bad
Monitor release of invitations
Percent of initial invitations and reminders sent to date and the time for the next release
Address bookTrial
Organize contacts into lists in an address book
Create, delete, and activate lists
Export contacts from selected lists
Includes email bounce information if any
Combine and split lists
Add persons to the list one by one
Import a list of addresses from a file
Dowload list of updated contacts
Load large contact lists
Contact lists with in excess of 100,000 entries are supported
Search lists for a specific contact
Scoring and assessmentsTrial
Define one or more scores for a survey
Define a score derived from other scores through a formula
Support for absolute values and percentages for scores
Both the absolute value and/or the percentage can be shown in reports
Specify a maximum value for each score
Specify a reference value for each score
Allows the comparison of the score for a response to the mean score for all participants
Auto adjust scores for 'Other' and unanswered questions
Define a score to be absolute, percentage, or both
Assign points for each answer in a question
Define a total score
The sum of all scores
Provide and one or more interpretations for a score
Based on range of values
Add a comment and/or an image for each interpretation
Show interpretation to participant
In completion page, email, or report
Create timer for each section in an assessment
Show timer to participants
Timer can be set to increase or decrease
Specify section timeout action
Terminate section, terminate assessment, go back to main menu
Control access to sections based on conditions
Provides controls over the order in which the sections are filled in
Specify the location of the section menu within the assessment
Supports contents above and below the section menu
Show the status of each section in the section menu
Not started, in progress, or completed
Submit a response directly from the section menu
Submit button enables when all sections are completed
Include scores in reports, completion messages, and invitations
Supports formatting of the score name, value, and interpretation
Compute score average across a set of responses
Sort score values in reports
Create email alerts based on conditions
Conditions include the status of a response, answers, participants, parameters, etc.
Specify the subject and body of email
Specify the persons to receive the alert
Include links in the alert email
participant's answers, name of the survey, name and email of the participant
Attach report PDF to alert
Look and feelTrial
Create professional looking surveys
Use templates to customize the look and feel of your survey
Pre-defined survey templates
Copy and modify them to your liking
Built-in online survey templates
Easily updateable look and feel for each survey
Create, edit, and preview mobile templates
Create, edit, and preview survey templates
Edit, copy, delete, inactivate templates
Auto convert a survey template to mobile template
Automatically resizes the browser widgets (checkbox, buttons, fonts etc.)
Easy to use template editor
Preview templates during design
Add logos to any survey
Specify the position, left, right, center, with title, etc.
Specify alignment for page title and survey name
Specify survey alignment within browser
Specify the width and the margins of the survey
Specify the colors displayed on any survey
Background color for pages, header, questions, error messages, links, etc.
Display a border for the survey with shadow
Specify the width, color, and style of the border
Change any of the corners to rounded
Specify the degree of roundness
Optionally display page numbers on each page
Add question numbering or markers
Sequential numbers within page or survey, bullets, dash, hearts, etc.
Specify fonts, weight, size, and color for all survey text
For survey name, title, introduction, question test and subtext, etc.
Define the size, color, gradient of the rating shapes
Specify if half a selection is allowed
Define the size, row color, border, selection for a matrix
Also define the type of separator for a multi matrix
Display progress using a customizable progress bar
Show percentage or page completed, define bar positioning, color, etc.
Customize buttons for survey navigation
Specify the type, color, texture, fill, shape, transparency, font, padding, corners, etc.
Customize checkboxes and radio buttons
Change shape, color, border, size, etc. Useful for small screen mobile devices
Prevent scaling or zooming on mobile devices
Specify custom CSS instructions
Use CSS 3 rule to supplement a template with custom look and feel rules
Browse and search responses by survey or participant
Owners can modify any response
View response details including demographic data
Start date, completed date, time spent, language used, etc.
View, modify, delete any response
Mark any response as not completed
Response audit trail
View history of changes for each response
Search for responses by any part of the data
Export responses to a file
Formats for excel, csv, spss
Apply filters to exports
Allows to export only responses that meet specific criteria
Export responses in different formats
Demographic data, condenses values, include parameters, export scores, etc.
Specify export content
Select specific questions and respondent fields, and apply filters to export data
Export files attached to responses to a zip file
Images or generic files provided by participants in their responses
Ability to save with every click in the browser
Every answer can be saved real time without clicking the next page button
Bookmark the URL when responding to a survey
Allows participants to continue their response from a bookmark
Create customized reports with graphs
Run reports with real time data
Can run the reports real time while data is being collected
Edit, copy , delete, and run reports
Export report to a flat file
Formats for excel, csv, spss, etc.
Export files uploaded by respondents
Images and plain files exported in zip archive
Mark any report as public or private
Add a report title and subtitle
Embedd images in reports
Add you own logo or custom graphics to the title page or body of the report
Create reports that combine multiple surveys
Auto add a survey summary to each report
High level summary with time distribution of answers shown at the beginning
Include charts and graphs
Bar chart, pie chart, line graphs, radial chart, etc.
Control the colors of the chart
Over 30 different color palettes are provided
Customize the charts
Size, border, 3D, lines, labels, legend, number of data points, type of marker, segments, etc.
Create reports with one or multiple sections
Each section can have one or more questions with its own data filtering
Copy report sections
Compare sets of responses
Compare results from multiple choice questions or from scores
Ability to create crosstab reports
Report on all questions or selected questions
Report on survey participants
Report on a single response or all responses
Drop out analysis reports
Show/hide summary statistics for each section
Show count, mean values, standard deviation, averages, etc.
Option to itemize each answer
Include "Partial" Responses
Show/hide charts by section
Show/hide textual answers
Multiple Criteria Segmentation and Analysis
Filter responses by answers to questions, user attributes, survey parameters, etc.
Print report or generate a PDF
Branding of report PDF
Title page, logo, header, and footer including page numbering
Export in an SPSS compliant format
Export survey questions and structure
Concise reporting
Questions can be given short names
Secure access to reports through a login
Dynamic response filters
Filters driven from values passed in the URL for the report
Anonymous reports
Identifying information is removed from the report
Pipe response data in report text
Supported for single response reports
Show section response information in reports and exports
Completion status, date started and completed, total, response time. Applies to surveys that include more than one section
HTTPS access to both the survey tool and the surveys
Support for Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
Active directory / LDAP integration
Mixed mode authentication
Through active directory or the system database
Single sign-on
Full security for users, roles, and privileges
Limit participants to specific IP address ranges
Secure login option for survey takers
Single or multiple responses per user
Prevent participants from updating responses
Option for each survey to make results public
SQL injection protection
Cross site scripting attack protection
User privileges augmentation attack protection
User password generation attack protection
Restrict login to only authenticated users
Configure login by email address or user name
Gather anonymous responses even with a secure login
User managementTrial
Separate surveys by group, division, department, etc.
Bulk upload of users
Custom data fields per user
Create, modify, and delete users
Set security levels per user
Administrator, regular user, portal only, data entry, delete responses, etc.
Ability for each user to modify their account information
Name, email, address, password, etc.
Automatically synch user data with Active Directory

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