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Online assessment software

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"I wanted to provide the people who took my assessment with a score that gives different weighting to each possible answer. I evaluated 20 survey tools, and Novi Survey is the only one that allowed me to do this. It also allowed me total flexibility over the look and feel. The customer support has been fantastic, as the two issues I ran into were resolved within an hour. I highly recommend Novi Survey."

Assessment software and online assessment tool with advanced features

Novi assessment software allows for the creation of online assessments by providing a variety of question types each with a large number of variations. Most question variations support scoring through the assignment of point contributions to each of the selectable elements contained within (e.g., the possible answers in a multiple choice question). Each question can then be included in one or more scores with the same or different point values. When a participant takes the assessment, each score will be computed based on their answers and the point contributions defined for each score.

Each score has a maximum possible value. A percentage based on the maximum value can be computed and adjusted based on questions with no answers. Either the absolute value or the percentage for the score (or both) can be displayed to the participant. A total score can also be defined as the sum of all the other scores for the assessment.

The assessment software supports the creation of detailed textual interpretations for each score based on a range of values. These scores and their textual interpretations can be shown in reports, at the completion page of the assessment, or included in an email sent to the respondent once the assessment is completed.

Novi Survey assessment software can be used for creating assessments in many different areas. Teachers use Novi Survey to create quizzes and tests for assessing the skill level of their students. Training facilities measure the effectiveness of their courses and programs. Schools and universities qualify entry level students and teachers. Human resources departments screen candidates and match them to available job openings and enhance the performance of their current employee base. Health organizations assess the overall health and needs of patients as well as identifying the areas of high health risk. Nursing facilities plan care for patients with specific needs, all through the creation of targeted assessments with Novi Survey assessment software. Among all of these uses, assessments in the areas of education and health are especially important and relevant.

By choosing the right question of the appropriate types, it is possible to create very elaborate assessments in Novi Survey that implement different type of assessments such as formative assessments (carried out throughout the course or the training), summative assessments (carried out at the end of the course or training), objective assessments (a form of questioning were a question has a single correct answer, such question types include true/false answers, multiple choice questions, multiple-response and matching questions), subjective assessments (a form of questioning which has more than one correct answer, such question types include open ended and essay type questions), formal assessments (usually implies that the assessment is given a numerical score or grade based on student performance), or informal assessments (usually occur in a more casual manner and may include open-ended questions, rating scales, etc.).

Health assessments also known as health risk assessments are one of the most widely used tools to calculate health risk scores which in turn are used to design health improvement programs aiming to improve the quality of life. An assessment questionnaire designed using Novi Survey assessment software can be an effective way to create these types of health assessments. Assessment questionnaires used for health assessments must include demographic questions, lifestyle questions, medical history, physiological data, and measures of the willingness to change behavior in order to improve one’s health, all of which are readily created using the different types of questions supported in Novi Survey. Through the built in scoring function, the assessment software can automatically calculate the risk scores associated with the assessment and provide valuable customized feedback to the participants.
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