Online survey tool

Online survey tool

Manage your surveys

Our advanced online survey tool is very powerful yet very easy to use. It has a very modern look and feel and comes with a rich text editor for styling and formatting your survey text and questions. You can also use the survey tool to administer assessments and use the scoring engine to calculate scores and display them with informative interpretations.
Survey designer

Design your surveys

The online survey tool includes over 100 question variations. It supports advanced question types such as matrices, constant sum, rating, and file upload. Each question type has options for sorting and randomizing answers and for defining validation rules. Surveys can be designed to include features such as conditional logic, branching and skipping, text piping, answer generation, and parameter substitution.
Survey tool

Distribute your surveys

With a built-in robust email engine you can send invitations and track responses with delivery rates. You can organize your contacts in the address book using distribution lists which can be imported from Outlook or Excel. You can also embed the survey in your web page or post a short link to the survey in your website or social media account.
Survey maker

Brand your surveys

Use our professionally designed survey templates or create just about any design you can imagine using our easy to use template editor. Add you own logo, choose different colors, change fonts, drop shadows, change the shape and size of buttons, and a lot more. You can also create special templates that work well on mobile devices, tablets, and touch screens.
Survey online

Internationalize your surveys

Create online surveys in just about any language you desire, we even provide you with a built-in survey spell checker loaded with 34 languages that allows you to spot those hard to find errors. The survey taker can switch languages at any time without affecting the data. You can also customize all the validation messages that the respondent can see.
Web survey

Leverage your surveys

Everything you create in the survey tool (templates, surveys, pages, questions, visual elements, etc.) can be copied and reused. You do not have to create any piece of information more than once. You can also store your questions in separate libraries to be shared by other users of you organization or to be reused in future surveys.
Survey analysis

Analyze your survey data

Browse your survey responses and view your reports in real-time. Create elegant summary reports using descriptive statistics for numerical and categorical data and visualize them with customizable high quality charts and graphs. Use the powerful filtering functions to segment and group your data by any criteria and export your data into different formats.
Survey application

Collaborate on your surveys

Create and manage teams of users with multiple levels of access through roles and privileges. The responses can be collected anonymously or associated to a contact in the address book. All communication is secured using strong SSL encryption. You can also provide limited access to your respondents to login to a personal portal to access their surveys and view reports.
Now that you have seen the huge number of features that Novi Survey provides, you will agree with us that our survey tool is advanced and powerful and it is the survey tool of choice for many large and small organizations across many countries, cultures, and languages.

Whether you are conducting marketing research studies, performing employee evaluations, collecting feedback from the visitors of your website, measuring the effectiveness of your customer service department, or gagging the satisfaction of your clients and customers, the Novi Survey online survey tool provides you with all the features you need to get the answers you seek.

With the help of our online survey tool you will be able to send email invitations, track responses in real time, and collect the right feedback from your target audience. You will also be able to make the most out of the responses collected by using the advanced reporting and analysis module bundled with the survey application.

At Novi Survey we understand that different businesses have different needs. Consequently, we offer a web-based online service and an installable survey software package that can be hosted in-house on your own servers. Our team of experts is always eager to help you with any issues you may face while using our survey services. We also offer consulting services to help you build and deploy your surveys whenever you need it!
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