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Workplace online surveys deliver a powerful message of collaboration and partnership

Posted on 2/23/2011 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
In today's competitive business environment, creating workplace surveys should be an important task of every human resource department. A workplace survey will help you gain deeper insight into how your employees perceive their work, business and workplace environment. It lets your employees know that you value their opinions and will use them to improve not only the business, but their workplace satisfaction as well. More than that, a well-designed and strategically-executed workplace survey can strongly influence the success of any business, regardless of its industry.

A workplace survey is easy to design using survey software. Because they are most often designed to explore a comprehensive range of issues relating to business operations, online survey questions should encompass a broad range of topics under the workplace umbrella, from motivation and commitment to peers and management. Keep in mind that many issues that are of concern to employees go unspoken and can have an impact on business operations overall. Getting at employee emotions and feelings should be one goal of the questions included in the survey software workplace questionnaire.

If your organization is going through a changing workplace environment due to industry metamorphosis, competitive strategies shifts or technological transformations, then it's a good time to implement a workplace survey tool. The results will give you awareness of just how employees (and management) are responding to these changes. It will help shed some light on the perceptions of this competitiveness, technology and industry changes from an employee perspective.

Organizations that operate in a global environment can also benefit from utilizing a workplace survey tool. In a global environment, understanding your own organization's culture and its impact on others internationally is essential when interacting in a global business environment. A well-planned workplace survey can give you information on how your employee’s cultural preferences impact working relationships abroad. In the end, the results can help you to develop a more effective framework for working through a diverse set of cultures that include workplace interactions, problem solving, project management, and working in teams.

A workplace survey can be a standalone survey or it can be used in conjunction with other online surveys, such as customer satisfaction surveys. Gathering as much rich information as possible from multiple sources will give you deeper insight into overall organization makeup to make well-informed changes to your business. Keep in mind that you can customize your workplace survey using online survey software to focus on the areas that are most important to you at the time.

A good workplace survey is designed so that as many people as possible respond. Although workplace surveys can be conducted a number or ways, using an online survey format provides a high survey response rate. When utilizing survey software to craft your workplace survey, it's important to vary your question type, such as using rankings, scaling, open-end and closed-end questions to name a few. Varying the question types will help to keep the employee more engaged, which will lower the online survey abandonment rate.

Whether your business operates domestically or globally, a well-designed online workplace survey can be an advantageous tool to improve organization acumen, competitiveness and employee workplace satisfaction. Workplace surveys engage employees and provide a powerful message of collaboration and partnership. It's an insightful survey tool that opens up lines of communication within your organization and guides you with a sound direction.
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