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Why your school needs to implement a teen survey

Posted on 5/11/2023 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Nurturing academically excellent and well-balanced teens is a by-product of various factors. These factors are a combination of the academic strength of the school in terms of the quality of its teachers, its environment, etc., as well as the student’s physical and mental state.

While issues of the quality of teachers and the learning environment can easily be deduced without much investigation, salient issues like the mental and physical state of students and how they cope with their academic curriculum might only be deduced from the intentional gathering of teens' opinions via a school survey.

In this article, we highlight the meaning of a teen survey and its importance to schools.

What is a Teen Survey?

A teen survey is a survey tool used to collect opinions, thoughts, preferences, or general information anonymously from students between grades 6 to 11. What follows is an analysis of the collected information from which insight can be extracted to enable schools, government bodies, non-profit organizations, agencies, or community groups to understand physical, social, psychological, and behavior patterns in teens.

Topics usually contained in these surveys are students' perceptions, diet and exercise patterns, violent behaviors, drug and alcohol exposure and use, sexual activities, knowledge of STDs, peculiar health conditions, peculiar learning difficulty, and safety at home.

Schools can make it a mobile phone survey or use online survey software via the school’s IT center.

Importance of Teen Surveys

Teen surveys are important to schools for the following reasons:

1) It helps schools plan academic programs properly.

With the results obtained from these surveys, schools get a near-accurate point of academic programs teens love and enjoy participating in. This naturally helps schools to focus their efforts on developing and improving their academic programs while expending fewer resources on programs teens will not enjoy. It helps schools re-tailor their method of imparting knowledge when necessary.

2) It helps kids feel more engaged in their academic pursuits.

In filling out these surveys, teens are given room to express how they feel about school policies, programs, curricula, subjects, and activities. As a result, they naturally feel more engaged in the academic process, which propels them to put in their best in their learning activities.

3) It helps create an all-inclusive educational system.

In every educational setting, some children will struggle with certain learning styles, subjects, and curricula, while others might find them easy. Teen surveys in schools help schools to determine the number of students that do not enjoy their learning styles and it enables them to make adjustments where necessary for the overall success of the school.

4) It fosters communication.

It is typical for many teenagers to be timid and secretive when talking to their teachers or even parents physically. However, with the anonymous nature of surveys, teens find it easy to freely express their concerns or academic struggles. This helps schools to guide them properly.


Due to the delicate nature and importance of survey collection, schools need to contact the services of a good survey software or tool when carrying out their teens' surveys. A good example is Novi Survey, which provides efficient and highly effective survey tools and offers functional features, such as survey personalization and data encryption. Also, Novi Survey offers a 30 days money-back guarantee upon trial.
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