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Why your business needs to implement a Facebook survey

Posted on 3/4/2015 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
If a customer has a complaint at your brick and mortar store, she can walk up to you then and there and tell you about it. Likewise, if she approves of a change you've implemented, you can hear about it right away. This immediacy lets you adjust your service and product line without delay.

A Place to Interact

What about your internet store? More and more, online is where customers and owners do their interacting, not at the corner shop. One method to find out what your internet customers are thinking is a Facebook survey. These are easy to create with online survey software.

The big advantage is that you have access to a huge, targeted audience that isn't yet saturated with survey requests. It is important to drive this traffic to your survey, focusing on the specific segment that the survey and its questions are directed.

Driving Traffic

The beauty of Facebook is the profile of users, with information that lets you pinpoint particular demographics. If you are asking how customers like the new line of designer purses you're selling, you can target women 18 to 32 who live within 20 miles of your retail outlets. This beats Google Adwords, which makes keywords the criteria for determining the target. Survey software makes creating one quick and easy. 

Getting People to Take Your Survey

The easiest way to get traffic to your survey is to simply post the survey URL on your Facebook fan page. People who are visiting the page will see it and a percentage will click on it.

You can also embed the link in your ad. When people click, it will take them to the survey page. Or you can create a new tab on your fan page and put the survey on the new page.

Types of Surveys

Facebook is home to every demographic, with interests ranging from business to hobbies to politics and more. Your survey can basically be about anything. Here are some of the most common types you can put together with a survey tool:

  • Online polls--let them vote
  • Entertaining surveys--ask about a current singing sensation or celebrity gossip
  • Plan for an event--this is like an invitation RSVP, and planner combined
  • Market research
  • How satisfied are your customers
  • Surveys specific to mobiles
  • University research
  • Travel and hotel surveys
  • What kind of tech are people using

Facebook Surveys Best Practices

The best advice is to be short, even just three to five questions. People online have short attention spans. They won't take your survey if there are too many questions.

Offer them a reason to take it by giving a freebie away. This will automatically increase your responders. You can get away with one or two more questions too! Offer a discount or a contest entry if they fill it out.

Make it entertaining if possible. Facebook visitors are looking for relaxation and fun. So even if you have serious questions, dress it up.

Facebook is a great platform to tap into to gain insight into your customers and fans, and a Facebook survey is a great tool to help.
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