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Why you should use a website survey and what are the essential components

Posted on 8/8/2018 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Website surveys are often used to generate user feedback. Whether your goal is to create an improved customer experience or learn more about the type of people that are visiting your website, a survey can be the easiest way to get the data you need.

Usually, website feedback surveys are prompts on a website that encourages visitors to interact, but they can also be sent via links through email. You can host your own website survey or have a survey software firm host it for you.

Why Use A Website Survey?

While tools like click maps, website analytics, and visitor recording applications are helpful at giving website owners what content attracts the most visitors, there’s nothing like hearing straight from the horse’s mouth. Yes, user-submitted surveys will let you know just how visitors or potential customers view your website. It will answer questions regarding ease of website navigation, for example, and what can be done to improve it.

Before you survey website visitors it’s important to know exactly what components you should include in the survey.

What are the Essential Components of A User Survey?

When generating a user feedback, you should have in mind your goal for seeking feedback from visitors. Is it to increase the subscription rate or encourage more people to make a purchase? Or maybe it’s to encourage visitors to spend more time on your website? Having an end goal in mind will help you to determine what questions you should include in a survey.

To encourage more users to participate in feedback surveys you can begin by asking questions that require very little commitment. These questions should be short, simple and easy to read. Once the visitor answers one of the questions they are likely to complete the rest of the survey. But still, don’t make the website survey too long or complicated. Otherwise, you run the risk having your respondent abandon your survey before they finish it.

Often, it’s not always about what kind of questions you ask but how you ask them. Therefore, you’ll need to target specific pages on your website. You can ask certain questions based on what page they are viewing to get quality feedback. You’ll also decide whether to include open or close-ended questions. With close-ended questions, you’ll have to predefined answers while open-ended questions allow visitors to provide detailed feedback through an online survey.

Should You Use Online Survey Software?

Fortunately, you don’t have to have a technical background to create a survey website for user feedback. Online survey creation software is a handy survey tool that can help you yield actionable data. Online survey software makes it easy to create attractive surveys interfaces, capture respondent emails and ask visitors the most pressing questions you have.
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