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Why you should implement a learning styles survey in your organization

Posted on 1/24/2018 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

Everyone has a preferred way of learning. Some need to see each step. Some prefer listening to learn and others learn by actually doing it themselves. For people to truly retain what they're learning and commit it to memory, they require all three methods: auditory, visual and kinesthetic. 

And, even though most individuals are usually stronger in one particular area over another, the key is determining each employee's preferred method of learning and taking advantage of their strengths. Learning styles surveys can help you identify each employee's preferred learning style.

The Three Learning Methods

To capitalize on each person's learning style, it helps to understand the three types of modalities of learning.

Auditory Learners

Your audio learner employees do better when they're actually listening to what you're trying to teach them. These employees will learn better through in-house training sessions, since they will hear the training. Verbal learners prefer words, whether in speech or in writing.

Visual Learners

Your visual learning employees will learn better when you present the training visually to them. Videos and graphics are good examples. Utilize diagrams, blackboards, maps, photos and charts as well to best help these types of learners.

Kinesthetic Learners

Kinesthetic learning employees use their senses to retain information since they learn through experience. They use their smell, taste and touch. Basically, these employees require "hands-on" training to learn best.

Why a Learning Style Survey Software Tool is Important

A learning style survey will help your employees:

- Gain an edge over competitors.
- Stay updated professionally.
- Improve cooperation among coworkers.
- Improve their sales and persuasive skills.

With learning style survey online survey software, you can learn how to better train their employees based on their own unique learning style to turn their "learning" into "earning". Improve their performance by taking advantage of their highly developed areas. Avoid situations that are problematic and target improvement areas.

Have your employees fill out your learning styles survey tool. Instill in them the purpose of the survey is to help them identify their strengths and if they're having issues with training, they may wish to try and adapt a different learning technique that will help them comprehend tasks and materials. If they find one method doesn't work for them, have them try another method.

Remind them that even if certain tasks don't seem suited for their particular learning style preference, a new approach will help them stretch outside their comfort zone and expand their potential to adapt to various training and working circumstances.

Bottom line, if you want to effectively train your employees, you need to understand their learning style differences and build your training content accordingly so it's conducive to various learning styles. This ensures your employees are retaining the information which ultimately helps improve the success of your business overall.

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