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Why you should deploy a cell phone survey

Posted on 1/14/2015 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
According to PEW Research, 90 percent of adult Americans had a cell phone and 58 percent had a smartphone as of January 2014. Many of these individuals also have access to the internet through their mobile device.

Today, more so than ever before, people are performing consumer transactions and business on their mobile phones. The proliferation of mobile devices has a profound impact on online survey research, including the use of a cell phone survey.

It's no longer a question of "if" mobile research is going to take off. It already has.

Whether individuals are eating out, shopping, working, or traveling, it is clear that people are sharing their moments, feelings, photos, and opinions on a daily basis. To thrive in this new environment, companies and their marketers must adapt to this new way of life to better understand their existing and prospective customers.

Here are some of the reasons why companies should embrace mobile survey research:


Never before have more people been accessible for market research than the are in today's technological area of smartphones and tablets.

Hard to Reach Respondents

Historically, those in the 16 to 24 years of age bracket were a difficult respondent group to track down. Since people in this age bracket use their mobile device as their main communication tool, the cell phone survey is a perfect onlinesurvey tool to deploy to reach this elusive target market. Other people that are often difficult to reach include people who travel frequently for work.

Fast Response

People typically respond to text messages faster than other forms of communication, such as email. This makes a cell phone survey a fabulous way to obtain feedback quickly, and one that is highly useful when instantaneous feedback is desired. Because respondents generally participate in cell phone surveys practically immediately, companies can gather feedback from respondents as they experience an event. It doesn't get more live than that.

Better Survey Response

Cell phone surveys offer the opportunity for a better survey response than telephone surveys, paper surveys, and even email surveys.

Multiple Uses

Another great benefit of deploying a cell phone survey designed with online survey software is in its myriad of uses. Shopping studies, competitor research, advertising effectiveness, and product comparisons are just a few of the applications of a mobile survey.

Can Target Mobile Operator

Whether you are interested in targeting users with a certain phone type, phone model, phone manufacturer, or operating system, you can set up criteria to target these groups.

Learning to take advantage of mobile technologies as they relates to consumer behavior is a must tool any company looking to gain market share needs to have in their toolbox.

Any company that fails to recognize and utilize the fact that the mobile device is quickly becoming the most widespread form of communication in society today likely stands the chance of being left behind. Don't let this be you. Design and deploy your own cell phone survey today.
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