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Why you need to implement an employee engagement survey for Your millennial workers

Posted on 8/23/2017 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Millennials have an extraordinarily different view of their expectations from their employment experience. They're well educated, self-confident, skilled in technology and are able to multi-task. Their expectations for themselves are high and they like working in teams. Although they crave challenges, a balance between life and work is also important to them.

The millennial generation is the next biggest age group to surface since the generation of the baby boomers and this group grows considerably as part of the workforce. Therefore, employers are going to have to make it a priority to adjust their engagement models to engage, motivate, retain, and cultivate valuable millennial employees today and in the future. But, how do they do this? They do it through an employee engagement survey. Why are these surveys important? You'll need to ask yourself a few questions to see the value of employee surveys in your organization.

1. Do your employees like working for your company?

Do they expend extra effort? Although no employee is perfect, it says a lot about your company when you don't have to spend time trying to find ways to motivate your employees to do their job or go a little beyond their normal duties. Satisfied employees will step up and be productive because they know working there is an important part of their life and it's who they are. By getting feedback from online survey software, you can find out what motivates your employees to want to go this extra mile in productivity.

2. Are your employees committed to their co-workers?

One attribute of high-performing employees is their willingness to teach and learn from each other. It's important that your employees are comfortable working with the person in the office or cubicle next to them. They should be open to learning and sharing new things. Collaboration between co-workers promotes strong network performance. So, how do you find out how your employees are working together? You send out employee surveys through your survey software and ask.

3. Do you have honest and open communication between employees and managers?

You've heard honesty is always the best policy, but this is especially true for leading and managing millennials. In fact, according to a research study through Millennial Branding, over half of the surveyed millennials said that the most important quality of a good leader is honesty. So, when it comes to retaining and engaging millennials, honest and open communication between managers and employees is a must.

4. Are you giving your employees the flexibility to manage their work-life balance?

Based on a Forbes article, over half of millennials will tell you they would choose flexibility in the workplace over pay. From crowdsourcing and telecommuting to freelancing and reliance on the gig economy, millennials are leading the front of the ever-changing workplace.

Your first step in motivating and engaging millennials is recognizing and understanding the difference in how they work and live compared to other generations. While many employers have already acknowledged this difference, the only true way to know is to ask your employees. And this, you can do through your company survey tool.
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