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Why every successful business uses company surveys

Posted on 1/25/2017 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
If you’re running a business, it’s not only the happiness of your customers you need to think of, it’s also the happiness and engagement of your employees. Employees who feel valued, respected and listened to are far more productive than those who are unhappy. This is why every successful business uses company surveys to gauge how their employees feel about their organization.

Online survey software is easy to roll out and ensures your employees can state their opinions on working for your business both honestly, and anonymously. Having high employee engagement means you’ll find it easy to retain good staff.

In addition, company surveys provide you with the following benefits:

Company surveys give your employees a voice. Giving your staff a voice and acting on their opinions is the hallmark of a good employer. Your employees will also be pleased that they’re being listened to particularly if they underline issues in the workplace that you then work on. This also helps establish a trust between both parties, and your employees are far more likely to remain faithful to your company rather than looking at other options.

Company surveys make it easy for you to find out what your employees really think. If you’ve been wondering what your company is like to work for, survey software gives you the perfect way to find out. Using a survey tool allows you to find out exactly how your workers feel about their jobs, including what they love about them as well as what they dislike.

What to Do With the Results

You can then take this information and use it to make the changes you feel your workforce needs to be happy and confident in their jobs, for example offering work-from-home days.

Rolling out company surveys enables you to make investments and changes within the workplace that lead to company growth and allow you to track data over time so you can keep a watchful eye on what’s working and what isn’t. When company surveys are carried out regularly, it should be easy to chart your team’s progress in any areas of concern and can enable you to make modifications to existing arrangements.

You can also compare different departments in terms of job satisfaction and ascertain how workers feel about their colleagues and immediate managers. Once you determine which departments are happiest, you can then study these areas to find out why and what they might be doing differently to other teams. The end result being an engaged, productive and happy workforce.
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