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Why conducting a job satisfaction survey matters now more than ever

Posted on 10/6/2021 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Companies spend a lot of money evaluating employee performance and figuring out what they can do to improve performance. This is a way to ask employees, "How can you help our company succeed?" But employers increasingly realize the need to change the question towards the employer to ask, "What can we do to increase your comfort and happiness?"

This is a tactic designed to increase employee engagement and relationships, surely leading to higher productivity. One sure way to measure employee happiness is by employing a well-made job satisfaction survey.

What is an Employee Satisfaction Survey?

An Employee Satisfaction Survey is a feedback tool that allows employees to exchange experiences and opinions. This kind of survey tool measures employees' feelings of empowerment and satisfaction.

It raises questions about how employees feel about corporate culture, intra-employee relationships, employee growth, recognition of superiors, and other essential matters.

Online surveys can be accessed via a web link housed on a private network and sometimes using survey software in business circles. They are also generally anonymous, so employees feel unhindered in communicating their views.

Why Job Satisfaction Surveys are Needed

It allows for insight into employee sentiments.

A job satisfaction survey will inform management about how employees feel. The analysis of these sentiments will reveal attitudes and feelings towards current company changes and policies and help to reveal present problems.

These days, concerning employee sentiments and feelings, many companies are putting considerable resources into helping them measure job satisfaction, with some even building application software for this purpose. It can help expose the sentiments of employees when making and implementing policies, and it helps company management choose policies that best suit the needs of employees and the company.

It gives employees a voice.

Ever had to pour out your opinions to your departmental head? Yeah. Most times, when communication should occur, fear of all things after proper consideration and other employees' warnings puts a stop to express your opinions. When the disadvantages outweigh the advantages, it is far more unlikely that certain ideas and opinions will get across to the boss.

Companies conducting job satisfaction surveys give their employees a platform to air their views confidently and without fear.

It reduces employee turnover.

One very important reason for conducting job satisfaction surveys is to retain employees for longer times. Today, more than ever, employees have multiple job opportunities as many companies are hiring. A big part of the investment for companies is realized in employees, from staffing to training. Therefore, their loss is both a fiscal and timely cost. Productivity and efficiency most likely suffer when skilled staff exit the company.

With the aid of online survey software and survey tools, management learns what the workforce considers their biggest problems and what can be done to eradicate them and encourage staff to stay. After all, it’s no secret that keeping your experienced staff is far better than training new ones.
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