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Why businesses should conduct employee exit surveys

Posted on 6/20/2013 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
An employee exit survey, also referred to as an employee exit interview, is conducted between an employee and a "neutral" human resources representative. Its purpose is to extract helpful data to improve an organization, particularly boosting employee morale, decreasing employee attrition and improving employee satisfaction.

The employee exit survey tool questions are crafted using online survey software, and typically involve how the employee felt about working for the company and ways the company can make positive changes in the future -- in addition to learning about any employee complaints.

The exit interview has a number of benefits for employers that help them retain employees and provide a better workplace for its workers, including the following: 

Retain top employees. In an effort to find out if it had to do with the company's practices and workplace, an employee exit survey asks the employee why he is choosing to leave the company. If negative marks are found and complaints taken, it gives organizational leaders the opportunity to work harder to make improvements and retain current top talent.

Promote good employee relations. From the departing employee's point of view, an exit interview survey provides the opportunity for the exiting employee to give feedback, whether positive or constructive, to help them leave the company with good intentions and good relations.

Improve employee morale. Word gets around to other employees following an exit interview. The existing employees get an instant boost in morale, as they understand that the company truly cares what they have to say if they leave the company. It provides them with proof that their company is interested in reasons why an employee chose to leave the company.

Assessing strengths and weaknesses. The strengths and weaknesses of the company are made apparent during the employee exit survey tool process. This helps the company in several ways. It enables them to make improvements necessary to keep current employees, as well as improve its recruitment tactics. Because some of the online survey software questions pertain to how they were recruited, it is valuable information to the human resources department. 

While employee exit surveys vary in their length and the types of questions asked, they can result in measurable company performance benefits and employee retention. They offer a unique opportunity to diagnose and improve employee workplace and morale issues to raise an organization's performance bar.

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