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Who can conduct an online teen survey and why

Posted on 7/23/2014 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Many groups today have a vested interest in teens. Surveys can help all these groups get a handle on what's really going on within today's teens in order to find ways to help teens, target teens for advertising, reach out to teens, and show teens how much the community cares. These are a few groups who may have a particular interest in conducting online teen surveys and why.


There are other reasons businesses in general, not just those that cater to teens, should take an interest in surveying teens with online survey software. Teens are social creatures who share mundane information like the games they're playing, what they're having for lunch, and where they just went shopping with the World Wide Web at the drop of a hat.

While teens are becoming slightly more privacy minded, Pew Research reports that more than half of all teens have avoided certain mobile phone apps over privacy concerns, they still share a great deal. If you have a product you're attempting to market to teens or that you're hoping teens will share via social media, the right survey software can help you target teens to learn about what it takes to make them share the products that excite them.


Schools have used surveys in the past with some success. Largely because teens we're concerned that they'll be identified by their responses to the surveys, handwriting, shading habits, etc.

Today's modern technology changes all of that. Using a survey tool to create anonymous online surveys helps relieve the fears of being discovered, thus freeing students to answer more honestly than they would on a paper survey -- especially if you allow them to take the surveys on public computers without requiring them to login.


Churches have a lot to offer teens. Many churches invest significant resources and interest in attempts to make teens feel welcome, wanted, and understood. Unfortunately, some churches have few ways to discover what teens in their congregations really need in the way of ministry and resources because teens are so concerned about appearances.

Online surveys allow teens opportunities to explain what their needs are without fear of being singled out for discovery or having fingers pointed in their direction. For all the bravado and bluster teens present to the world, they are still so eager to please and afraid to disappoint parents and church leaders. The online nature of the survey software allows them some freedom to be honest about the ministry they need from the church.


What kind of services does your community offer its teens? Are you considering growing and expanding those services? Do you even know what kinds of services or programs teens in your community would respond favorable to? Surveys can give you all the answers you need to these kinds of questions so you can better serve the teens in your community.

Survey software is an effective means for all groups from businesses to schools, communities, and churches to get important information on how to improve, expand, and grow. Using surveys for teens gives each organization better information to serve the teens better.
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