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When are the best times to implement an employee opinion survey

Posted on 12/4/2019 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Chances are you already know the benefits of employee engagement. Implementing online survey software for employee opinions is a useful way of gathering insight into what your employees feel is important. Now, you should understand the value behind employee opinion surveys and when the best time is to conduct them. Common times to administer an employee opinion survey is when you need to:

1. Measure Employee Engagement

The main reason to conduct an employee opinion survey is to measure your employees' level of engagement. This will help you evaluate whether your staff is engaged or disengaged. Although there aren't any standard drivers of engagement, some factors commonly assessed are:

- Recognition
- Advancement
- Training and development opportunities
- Job role
- Work environment
- Pay and benefits
- Leadership

2. Gather Insights for Restructuring Benefits Programs

Implementing an employee opinion survey tool will help you gauge the true opinions of your employees regarding your company's benefit package. You'll learn which benefits your staff appreciates the most and those they'd like to have. This can help you restructure the benefits package so you can retain current employees and attract new long-term employees.

3. Determine Organizational Weaknesses

Employee opinion survey software can act as a diagnostic instrument that indicates the company's strengths and weaknesses. With your employees' knowledge of day-to-day work processes, they can offer useful information about daily operations and how you can improve on them.

4. Create an Open Dialogue With Staff

Choosing to conduct surveys is actually "communicating" with your employees and letting them know their opinion matters to you and is valued. Also, you're giving your staff a platform they can use to be heard. They will appreciate that you value their opinion, especially if you act upon what you hear.

5. Benchmark Results

Conducting employee opinion surveys allows you to benchmark the information for the purpose of comparison. You can take a look at certain results and make a comparison between them and industry-specific information or data to gain an understanding of the way your company performs with similar companies.

Benchmarking also allows you to learn if any problems are specific to your organization or if they're industry-wide. For instance, if the data indicates only 20% of your staff is satisfied with opportunities for development, you can compare this with other employers' results to see if this finding is typical or specific to your company and requires improvement.

6. Identify Long-Term Trends

By conducting regular employee opinion surveys, you can compare the feedback you have now with those from previous surveys to follow trends in the results. You'll learn some valuable insight into how effective the improvement measures you've taken already are.

As you can see, there are many times that it’s beneficial to implement an employee opinion survey. To gain the most benefit, they shouldn’t be a “one and done” strategy. Implement them frequently to improve employee engagement, increase employee satisfaction, decrease employee turnover, and improve your ability to attract top talent to your organization.
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