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What you can gain from conducting alumni surveys

Posted on 11/7/2018 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Looking to improve your institution’s curriculum and discover new courses that can appeal to current and prospective students? Whether the primary goal is to maintain a competitive edge or to simply revamp an institution, an alumni survey can help administrators and school leaders gain the insight they need to change lives.

In recent years alumni surveys have become popular. In the past, the majority of alumni surveys were conducted via postal mail and are sent to the home or business address of past students. Today, there’s a better option using online survey software to not only design and craft your alumni survey but deploy it as well. These can be sent out ot alumni via email or mobile device.

How Can Alumni Surveys Be Beneficial?

The great thing about conducting alumni surveys is that institutions can use them to help fulfill many different objectives. In fact, check out these major benefits of creating such a survey.

Help gather insights that can be used to make institutional improvements that actually work.

Measure past students satisfactions by analyzing their experience in all aspects of they're academic career including they're experiences with professors and other departments as well as campus life.

- Gauge alumni interest in participating in alumni-centered events.
- Obtain statistical information for accreditation purposes.
- Understand which teaching methods are preferred and which are considered lackluster.
- Determine whether alumni would be a good source for obtaining monetary contributions in fundraisers.
- Learn out how the career choices and employment of past alumni.
- Find out more about the attitudes and potential for donor gifts, since university donations are often an important part of the success of a higher-learning institution.

Increase Response Rates for Alumni Surveys

Unfortunately, the response rate for alumni surveys can be difficult to measure since it’s largely dependent on the former’s student’s personal preferences and feeling towards the school. However, you can use online survey software to generate creative alumni surveys, it will appeal to former students, especially in today’s digital era.

In addition, as with any survey the design, administration and other factors can impact the overall success of such initiatives. Institutions can make use of a web-based survey tool to generate personalized letters or invitations to take a survey. This can be helpful in improving the response rate.

Advanced survey software can be utilized to determine the layout, branding, and design of alumni surveys that will be administered. If this is the school’s first time conducting a survey it should be launched on a small scale. For instance, if a college has eighty thousand students contact information on its roll it may be more effective to distribute the alumni survey to half of those former students.

Yes, alumni surveys offer a plethora of benefits ranging from improving the campus life of an institution to helping to introduce new courses that will be appealing to prospective students. Use a quality online survey software to generate appealing surveys and distribute them to past students.
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