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What to know about employees satisfaction survey - pulse surveys

Posted on 3/4/2020 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

Your frontline staff members are the heart and soul of your company. They interact with your customers and work directly with your products or services. They're a source of valuable information on how your business is operating. Because of this, ensuing your employees are satisfied at every level of your company is important. This is where an employee satisfaction survey known as a pulse survey comes in.

What are Pulse Surveys?

Pulse surveys are a type of employee satisfaction surveys that are short and distributed frequently. Some companies deploy pulse surveys once per week, but they should be administered at least monthly to obtain maximum insight and value. They focus on feedback for real-time initiatives, and are essentially a “check-on” on your progress.

Benefits of Pulse Surveys

Pulse online survey software provides a way for your employees to provide feedback and voice their opinions. Pulse surveys help you quickly identify the sentiments and perceptions of your employees and respond quickly. They offer you the opportunity to:

- Boost employees' trust
- Maintain ongoing communication
- Grow and maintain a healthy company culture

Pulse survey software works well together with annual employee engagement surveys for supporting your overall objective of enhancing employee satisfaction and cultivating a positive business culture.

Tips to Get The Most From Your Employee Satisfaction Surveys

To help you turn your employees satisfaction survey into actionable insights, here are a few tips.

1. Know Your Audience

Identify your audience. If your intention is to make company-wide changes, you'll want to hear from all your employees. If you're performing a managerial performance review, then only select employees who interact with certain managers should participate. After you've determined who you would like to survey, you'll also want to consider their preferred communication channels, their priorities, and availability. This is so you can boost responses and better customize their experience.

2. Plan Effectively

Determine what the purpose of your survey tool is and choose questions around that. Try to keep your survey brief and ensure your questions aren't biased, overly vague or leading. Focus on certain things instead like employee:

- Work-life balance
- Motivation
- Workload

3. Gauge Employee Responses to Change

Use your pulse survey to collect employees' opinions before you enforce a new policy or after a shift in leadership to provide you with powerful insight into how their morale and motivation is affected by different changes. Assess their responses during times of change and to minor or major internal events to keep you ahead of the inevitable uneasy state of your employees.

4. Act On It

Nothing matters if you don't take action. Although simply listening to your employees can be helpful to understand their problems, you can only improve their experience by taking meaningful action. If your employees provide feedback but see that you don't take any action, they're likely to become unmotivated.

Knowing about issues and not acting on them is worse than if you don't know about them at all. Communicate your survey results and share areas you can improve on, but then get to work to make those improvements.

Employee satisfaction surveys (pulse surveys) are an ideal tool to use in your company for making a huge difference as part of your overall employee engagement improvement strategy.

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