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What to ask in your back to school student survey

Posted on 8/13/2020 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
A big challenge of beginning a new school year when you are a teacher getting to know your students. Each student is different with some being friendly and talkative right out of the gate and others being more reserved or shy. To make it easier for you to learn about each of your students in your class, you can provide them with back-to-school questionnaires created with online survey software during the first week of school.

Each fall, teachers are faced with an array of fresh faces, and it's important they can get to know their students as quickly as possible. Using online survey software for back-to-school questionnaires is recommended.

This type of survey tool helps you begin building a positive classroom culture right from the start. With a student survey, it will quickly get you up to speed on things like your students' strengths, learning preferences and needs. Questionnaire survey software also provides students with a sense of being individual. And because it shows that you’re interested in getting to know them, they may be more receptive to your learning objectives and assignments.

Questions to Ask on your Back-to-School Survey Software

Below are some examples of certain questions you can include in your questionnaire:

1. What's your full name?
2. Do you go by a nickname? If yes, what is it?
3. Do you have a favorite color?
4. When is your birthday?
5. What quality is most important to you in a teacher?
6. What five adjectives would best describe you?
7. What career are you looking to get into in the future?
8. Will you be attending college?
9. Do you have a college preference?
10. What do you wish to learn in this classroom?
11. What would you like to do in five years?
12. What grade would you like to earn in this class?
13. Which school clubs would you like to participate in?
14. Are you interested in any extracurricular activities this year like band, sports, or theater?
15. Would you say you're well organized?
16. What's your learning style: hearing, seeing or performing something?
17. Do you have friends in this classroom?
18. What do you typically do in your downtime?
19. Do you have any hobbies?
20. What are you looking forward to this year the most? The least?

You'll want to modify your questions based on the grade level of your students. Run your questionnaire draft by a fellow teacher or administrator if you require a second opinion. You shouldn't insist your students answer all the questions, but you could encourage them to participate in your questionnaire by maybe offering them an incentive. You might even want to fill out the questionnaire yourself and pass copies of it around to your students so they get to know you better as well.

At the end of the survey, consider having an optional open-ended section where students can feel free to offer any insight that they want about themselves, their learning goals, or interests.
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