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What should a security survey cover

Posted on 10/12/2022 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
A facility’s security is only as strong as its weakest point, and this does not exclude businesses. However, identifying these weak points in your security framework may be a difficult task. Business owners face a variety of challenges when it comes to protecting company assets and properties. With novel security threats developing each day, keeping pace with the security needed to reduce the effects of these threats can be difficult. Hence, it is important to conduct security checks using equipment and processes such as online survey software on a regular basis.

Every commercial enterprise requires security tools like survey software because no one (business or individual) wants to lose their assets. Nothing is more upsetting than learning that your property has been broken into and valuable belongings and equipment have been stolen.

Every year, businesses face new challenges as they deal with probable and actual losses from natural disasters, theft, and other causes. As the risks grow, C-level executives have begun to see the consequences of being reactive rather than proactive in dealing with them.

When it comes to tackling these potential sources of loss, a detailed security survey performed as part of a bigger risk assessment can be very beneficial to a business as a whole. A well-designed security survey (as a survey tool) should be used to collect relevant and applicable information.

What is a Security Survey?

A security survey is a comprehensive on-site inspection and analysis of a facility. It aims to:

• Assess the current security plan;
• Determine what assets are available and their respective financial values;
• Ascertain the level of protection needed; and
• Offer recommendations to increase overall security levels.

The Security Survey Process

Using a team approach when performing a security survey will result in a more thorough evaluation of exposure to potential risks. Participation of occupants in the security survey is also critical and, as such, advised. This is suggested especially when the team is on the ground to determine the presence of assets.

The security survey must be tailored to the type of business conducted within the facility. The team in charge of the survey will then create worksheets or checklists that match the site and proceed to collect particular information on-site before conducting the survey. While it is customary for security personnel to be present, it is not compulsory.

What Should a Security Survey Cover?

In conjunction with a comprehensive risk analysis, a security survey can help a company in designing policies and processes. These policies and processes must cover the following:

• Identify and assess the resources available for the implementation of an effective security program.
• Prevent criminal occurrences such as theft (internal or external), intentional damage, arson, burglary, violent crimes, robbery, etc.
• Proffer security solutions that integrate internal burglar alarm components with access control.
• Implement control processes of the lock-and-key variety
• Control and monitor staff, client, and visitor identity and movement on corporate premises.


Putting out a security survey is a smart and very effective way to ensure that your security survey software system is efficient and adequately protecting your company. The key is finding the right one that fits your company's specifications.
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