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What questions to ask in your employee exit survey using survey software

Posted on 7/3/2019 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
The cost of turnover is astonishing with the United States’ total voluntary turnover cost being over $536 billion each year. Not to mention, it can take up to a couple years for new employees to get to the same productivity levels as employees already employed.

Unfortunately, you can't avoid turnover. It's a reality for all companies. And, if one of your employees should decide to leave, you'll need to learn the reason why they're leaving and what you can do to keep other employees from leaving as well.

Employee exit online survey software questions are an important part of improving employee satisfaction, performance and reducing your turnover rate within your company. Each company should take the time to employ an employee exit survey tool. Employee exit surveys can help you identify areas of improvement needed. They're conducted by many organizations of different sizes from large corporations to small startups.

Below are some samples of questions you may want to include on your employee exit survey.

1. What made you look for a new job?

This type of question provides you with the opportunity to gain various answers. You can find out if your employee was only looking for a job that was closer to their home or if there was a certain situation or specific instance that sparked their search.

2. Do you feel you had all the tools you needed to perform your job well?

Ask this question if you're looking for a direct way of better retaining the employee who will be filling this employee's shoes. It generates an immediate, proactive response. Keep in mind, however, you may end up learning about inadequate training, technology woes and more, but this will provide you with valuable knowledge of what you need to do the next time better.

3. What could we have done to keep you as an employee here?

There's not a more direct question than this one. Often, being frank with your questions will provide employees with the chance to open up where before they were afraid. This question is obviously not geared at fulfilling their personal request to keep them employed, but rather to help in the future.

4. If there was one thing you could change about the company or your job, what would that be?

This survey software question will gain you a great deal of insight into why the employee is leaving the company. It's a non-confrontational way of encouraging them to disclose the exact reason why they're leaving because you're not actually asking them what they disliked, but rather what they'd change. It takes their answer and turns it from a complaint into a suggestion instead, which is more comforting to the employee.

5. Do you feel you were provided with everything you needed for success by your manager?

From software and training to one-on-one performance reviews and meetings, managers have the responsibility to ensure their team members have the feedback and tools they require excelling in their role. It's essential for you to you to know if your employees feel left out in any of these areas the manager can address.

6. Would you ever consider working for us again in the future? If so, what would need to change?

An employee exit survey can help you discover if the employee would actually be willing to come back. They may just need a little more compensation or maybe gain some experience in a different role. Regardless, this is ideal feedback to have if your company has different positions or roles of interest opening up.
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