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What questions should I ask In my employee benefits survey

Posted on 11/20/2019 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

Offering outstanding employee benefits is critical to your company's success. Benefits can boost recruitment efforts, increase employee loyalty and show your staff you do care about their wellbeing. Not to mention, many employees choose benefits over a pay raise. So, it's essential that you have an understanding which benefits your employees find most valuable through an employee benefits survey.

Benefits play a significant role in employee satisfaction and experience with your company and employee benefit online survey software is an essential part of knowing your employees' needs. Some employees might not be aware of all the benefits you're providing, so surveys can also keep your staff updated on the benefits your company offers.

Employee benefits survey software can help you find out what your employees think about your current benefit package. You could be shelling out money on benefits your employees could care less about. Or, you could be missing a certain benefit they would like.

Below are some types of questions you should ask on your employee benefits survey tool.

1. Does our benefits package meet the needs of you and your family?
2. How satisfied are you with the company's benefits package?
3. Do you understand the practices and compensation policies and how they affect you?
4. Do you know who to talk to if you don't understand your benefits?
5. Has the health benefits provided by our company improved your mental and/or physical health?
6. Would you like the company to provide (better/more) wellness programs?
7. How satisfied are you with the company's vacation policy?
8. Do you feel you're compensated fairly?
9. How satisfied are you with the company's break time allocation?
10. Do our benefits package compete with those other companies offer?
11. Has our company expressed an interest in your wellness and health?
12. Which important benefits does our company not offer yet that you would like?
13. Would you like to know more about the benefits and compensation package available to you?
14. Do you have any additional suggestions, criticism or comments regarding our company's benefits package?

When you're asking about new benefit areas, you should explain how each benefit works so your staff can decide if it will benefit them. For example, if you're thinking about providing a public transportation benefit, you would want to explain the different transportation types it can be used for and how it could benefit your staff.

You can also provide descriptions of your existing benefits, just in case your staff doesn't completely understand them.

Just because your benefits package affects your staff outside the workplace, it doesn't mean your company shouldn't care about them. Employees care about their employee benefits and you should too. Remember, the most engaged employees tend to produce and perform well. For employees to be invested in your company and their jobs, they usually need to feel that they are cared for outside the workplace too, and that's where an employee benefits survey can help tremendously.
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