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What is website survey software

Posted on 4/25/2018 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

Site survey software is a great tool for reaching out to and engaging with your target audience. This software application helps you gather feedback through a computer-assisted method from a targeted sample. You can: 

* Design your surveys
* Send your surveys
* Analyze your surveys

You do this typically online using automated functionality and drag-and-drop tools. Online survey software applications make the whole process quicker, easier and more accurate to come up with your website surveys. Researchers, business owners and other professionals can use this software to create:

* Electronic surveys
* Feedback reviews
* Questionnaires
* Other forms to collect, analyze and report data

At first, all survey software seems similar. Each, however, comes with its own set of features. You may have one particular software that's a standalone solution or another one that has a variety of methods to collect feedback like in-app surveys or email surveys. You install some JavaScript code in your website and immediately start collecting your visitors' feedback.

Why Use Site Survey Software?

Some benefits of this type of survey tool include:

- You may create professional looking website surveys easily and immediately right from your browser
- You may install the software if you plan on using your own server or use an online, hosted service
- Easily create your surveys, gather feedback, analyze the feedback, manage the feedback and report the feedback.
- You have 24/7 access to your surveys anytime and anywhere you want — view and export data in a standard format at any time
- Your data is completely safe and secure through a SSL encryption

Both large and small companies use online survey software or installable software to conduct customer service surveys, market research surveys, content satisfaction surveys, visitor opinion surveys and more.

Survey software allows you to:

- Link to Your Survey
- Link your surveys to your email messages, websites, embed the survey using an invisible frame into your pages or add popup HTML to site.
- Invite Participants
- Use your email contact list or address book to create invitations and email your survey to your respondents.
- Provide Multiple Types of Questions

A survey tool shouldn't limit you to asking only open-ended questions or multiple-choice questions. Many allow you to include useful types of questions as well, including:

- Scale questions
- Checkboxes
- Smiley scale
- Forms

All these are helpful for lead generation and collecting emails. You'll want to look for online software that offers "Calls to Action" for engaging your readers and guiding them to tailored content or a desired action you want them to take.

Once you obtain your feedback, you can use graphs, cross-tabulation or drill down filters to view results. Manage responses by filtering response lists, exporting responses to HTML tables or CSV and view respondents' survey responses individually in detail.

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