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What is hosted survey software

Posted on 12/20/2017 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

Hosted survey software is a software application that runs in your browser and developed for anyone from evaluators, business owners and researchers to organizational improvement specialists. You can use this survey software to create feedback reviews, electronic surveys, questionnaires, and other types of online forms for collecting data, analysis, and reporting.

How you present your survey findings and results is important to the success of your project. Impress your boss, clients or project team with accurate, meaningful and well-presented slides and reports. Hosted online survey software provides you with an experienced staff of analysts who are experts in providing you with high-quality and comprehensive reports, analysis and presentation materials.

Get distributions, frequencies, comments, graphs, and charts all online. If you need help with more complex reporting requirements, you can simply ask the hosting professionals. Just tell them what your presentation needs are and they will help you come up with the perfect package to tailor to these needs.

Why Use Hosted Survey Software?

Some benefits of a hosted survey platform include:

Create professional web surveys immediately and easily without having to install any software. You just create them right from your web browser.

Create, analyze, manage and report on surveys through a full-featured survey tool either by installing the software if you want to use your own server or through a hosted, online service.

Access your surveys from anywhere and anytime you want and you'll be able to view and export your data at any time in a standard format.

Benefit from a hosted and up-to-date survey software at a modern data center that provides you with 24/7 customer service. You may also rest assured your data is completely secure and safe using SSL encryption.

Both small and large organizations use installable survey software and hosted survey service to conduct satisfaction surveys, customer service surveys, student surveys, market research surveys, employee opinion surveys and more.

What About Self-Hosting?

Although you have this on-demand application, you may rather host your own survey application. Some reasons why some organizations prefer to self-host include:

- Information is highly confidential
- An exceptional high surveying volume
- Provides confidentiality to highly sensitive healthcare or financial information and therefore self-hosting makes sense

There are a couple of options available to you:

1. You might host the database and program giving you complete control over the whole project.
2. You might just host the database alone and let the experts manage the program.

With the second option, you still get the complete security that firewall protects the database, but with fewer maintenance tasks. On top of the cost of the software application, there are also costs associated with the operating system, computer servers, and database as well as the cost to maintain hosted servers. When you use hosted survey software, you don't have to pay for maintenance or support. 

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