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What is educational assessment software

Posted on 11/16/2016 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Assessments used to be taken on paper and graded manually, but more teachers are learning the benefits of switching to educational assessment software. This type of software allows them to have more accurate testing and comes with a wide range of other benefits. Here is more information about this type of software and how it is proving to be beneficial.

The Problem With Traditional Assessments

You might be wondering why you should use a different method of assessments in the first place. The reason assessment survey software can be beneficial is because the standard assessments done per school or per school district leave out smaller details that might actually help the teachers know what ways they can change their teaching style. If you are a teacher and you hand your students a test that is graded, did you really learn all that much about how your teaching style reflects on your students? The problem with these assessments is that they are too broad and don’t count for a lot of individual factors.

How the Assessment Software Works

Assessment software is a type of survey tool that lets you get a lot more detailed information for various grades, teachers, classes, and subjects. It is computer-based, usually online, which allows you to actually choose questions based on the type of assessment you are performing. It is something students can access from electronic devices, has quick grading, and automated results that let you see more than just a pass or fail grade, or a percentage of correct answers.

Why Teachers Should Use the Software

Online survey software for educational assessments is easy to use and easy to provide to your students. You can use any variety of questions you want, from true and false, and multiple choice, to asking for sentences or even full essays for the answers. With the computerized software, you can actually see which method of questions are difficult for your students to answer and track with topics within the assessment that a large number of your students got wrong. This is a great way to adjust your teaching style or know what you need to work on a little bit more with your students.

This brings you to the next major benefit, which is automatic grading. You don’t spend hours going over papers, but instead the grade is available automatically, with the exception of answers you want to grade manually, such as essays. Most of these assessments are for multiple choice and true or false, so those can all be graded automatically.
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