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What is a workplace online assessment survey and why conduct it

Posted on 1/18/2017 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

A positive working environment is conducive to staff morale. When workers are happy, it stands to reason that their productivity is increased, as well as is staff engagement, employee wellbeing and company culture as a whole.

Though carrying out a workplace assessment survey via a survey tool, it’s possible to ascertain how to plan out a workplace that works for everyone involved and that’s highly productive as a result. When staff are being listened to, they consequently give more to the company, so this give and take relationship is one to be nurtured.

What is a Workplace Assessment Survey?

A workplace assessment survey is a way of measuring the perceptions of managers and employees of an organization in terms of their operational environment. This process helps to pinpoint, to understand and to proactively address any issues of concern, as well as determining what works in an organization and what doesn’t.

Why Conduct a Workplace Assessment?

Conducting an assessment of any workplace is beneficial to everyone involves as it enables workers of all levels to be aware of any issues in their environment. In addition, through carrying out an assessment you have the ability to take action and resolve these issues.

As the main purpose of a workplace assessment, issues relating to dissatisfaction and conflict in particular in the workplace can be addressed.

In addition, a workplace assessment draws attention to the strengths within an organization, and helps a company focus on these and make the most of them, potentially rolling these out throughout the greater workforce.

What are the Benefits of a Workplace Assessment Survey?

There are various positive aspects to conducting a workplace assessment survey, these include:

- Staff feel they’re being listened to
- Employees have input in terms of how concerns are addressed
- Survey software streamlines the process
- Online survey software is cost effective and fast
- Questions are easily tailored to company needs
- Employee morale and productivity is boosted

Workplace assessment surveys are primarily focused on identifying and addressing issues within the workplace. As a result, team sessions can be scheduled where workers and management are able to constructively and openly discuss any issues that have been flagged. From there, a plan of action can be agreed upon and set out, making the working environment a far more healthy and positive place to be.

The payoffs of carrying out workplace assessments are vast and all organizations of all types have the ability to benefit from carrying one out.

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