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What is a needs assessment survey and why should your conduct one

Posted on 10/29/2014 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Organizational needs are invariably evolving making it a challenge for businesses to stay on pace. That's why conducting frequent needs assessment surveys is important to businesses of all shapes and sizes. The good news is that there are various tools available to use to make the process easier. From online survey software to countless other survey tool choices and more, the sky is the limit when it comes to conducting a comprehensive needs assessment survey. But is that the right move for your business?

What is a Needs Assessment Survey?

In short, a needs assessment is a way of asking members of a group or organization questions that help identify the most significant needs of the group or organization. You can adjust the parameters to meet the specific and immediate goals of the organization or you can choose to focus the questions on long-term priorities and needs or some combination of the two.

The key is in asking the right questions. Needs assessments focus on three primary types of needs:

1. Expressed -- these are needs for which a multiple people have sought help (unfortunately, most people do not seek help and simply allow their frustrations to dictate their opinion about businesses or products).

2. Perceived -- this describes what people believe their needs are according to their points of view and shaped by their own experiences.

3. Relative -- these needs take larger groups of people, or even the entire population into consideration and look for equity that meets the diverse needs of a larger population.

The beauty about investing in survey software is that you now have the tools in your hands to revisit the needs of your organization as they evolve and as your organization defines its own purpose more clearly.

All you need to do is conduct another survey that addresses changing infrastructure, products, goals, and/or technology.

Why Conduct Needs Assessments?

The obvious reason to conduct a needs assessment for your business organization is to identify the needs of the group

What Kinds of Businesses Need Needs Assessment Surveys?

The fact is, that all businesses interested in growth need to conduct regular needs assessments surveys. As far as tools go, these surveys help you direct the growth of your business, address problems as they arise, and recognize gaps in service, performance deficiencies, and under-served markets. They're critical for businesses today -- especially those with an eye towards the future.

These valuable tools can be used to help determine many things for business including the following:

  • Business Growth Needs
  • Community Needs
  • Community Outreach Needs
  • Product Improvement Needs
  • Research and Development Needs
  • Technology Needs
  • Training Needs
  • And More!

Using a survey tool is, by far, the simplest way to make an online survey work for you. You can even keep records of previous surveys to track trends and see where ground has been gained and lost on recurring issues assessments bring to light.
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