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What employment benefits do employees value most - find out using survey software

Posted on 9/6/2017 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

The key to happy, productive workforce is offering a pleasant working environment alongside positive employee benefits. Once you have great employees onboard, it’s crucial to value them to help deter them from moving onto new pastures. You can utilize an employee benefits survey to gain a better understanding of the perks that mean the most to your workers.

Some small-business owners mistakenly think that they can’t afford to provide their workers with a robust benefits package. However, without spending on your staff, your business may suffer in the long-term.

Some of the most sought-after employee benefits include:

- Telecommuting
- Professional training and development
- Life insurance
- Workplace perks
- Performance bonus
- Pay raise
- Health care
- Paid time off
- Family-friendly and flexible schedules
- Wellness program and more

Questions To Ask on Your Employee Benefits Survey

You can use online survey software to collate and analyze the responses to various questions. You want to get a bigger picture of what your workers value most in terms of benefits. You can ask questions like:

- How comfortable is your working environment?
- How do you feel about your employer’s health insurance plan?
- Are you happy with catered meal options at work?
- How fair do you feel your employer’s sick day policy is?
- Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with your current employee benefits?
- Are you happy with your options for getting to and from your place of work?

What Will You Gain From An Employment Benefits Survey?

You can use your survey tool to learn whether your workers see their benefits as sufficient. You’ll also be able to easily determine if your organization needs to make any changes in the benefits structure. By pinpointing any potential issues, you can get to work on straightening these out fast. You want your workers to be motivated and to feel appreciated. When staff feel they're undervalued, their work and retention suffer.

Employee benefits are a crucial tool to make your team remain loyal, appreciated and valued. Survey software is an easily rolled out and accessible way to find out the information you need when you need it most.

If you run a smaller company, getting this information is perhaps even more important as you need to identify the right mix of benefits that create a positive return on investment. To attract and keep excellent staff that positively represent your business, consider what is truly important to them. Then, you can identify cost-effective ways of delivering benefits to your employees.

In short, finding out what matters most to your employees makes your staff happier, more productive and less likely to look for another job. And one of the best ways to go about finding those things out is through an employee benefits survey.

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