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What are the best survey questions to include in an online survey

Posted on 9/30/2020 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
You can use website online survey software to collect all types of current or prospective customer feedback, but you can only make use of it if you're asking the proper questions. Below are six of the best survey software website questions to ask your customers.

1. Where Did you Hear About Us?

Reason to Ask: Identify how your website visitors found your website.

Survey Question Tip: For questions like these, it's strongly suggested you don't provide your visitors with a whole list of options. Doing so could cause the results to work against you since you'll be "leading" your customers to sources you have knowledge about already. You're looking for answers you don't know already and you do this by providing your visitors with opportunities to express what they think.

2. What Type of First Impression Did you Have Upon Entering the Website?

Reason to Ask: First impressions matter. Bank websites should be trustworthy. Fashion e-commerce websites should look glamorous. You want your visitors to know what the site is about the minute they enter and what they can do.

Survey Question Tip: Only target new visitors and ask the question on your website's main page.

3. What's the One Thing that Nearly Stopped you from Making a Purchase?

Reason to Ask: A post-purchase survey tool can help with optimizing the purchase path and increasing sales. Ask your new consumers what nearly caused them to not make a purchase from you and use the answers to make website changes.

Survey Question Tip: Ask this question on the first page visitors see after they create an account or on a "thank you" page.

4. Does the Website Meet your Expectations?

Reason to Ask: It allows you to research your bounce rate.

Survey Question Tip: Questions like these are most helpful on pages where the bounce rate is crucial - landing pages, for instance. Use these to identify if your landing pages are providing your visitors with what they need.

5. How Likely Are you to Recommend Our Company to a Colleague or Friend?

Reason to Ask: Scale of satisfaction and/or measure net promoter

Survey Question Tip: A NPS survey is ideal to have running on your website for gauging customer satisfaction in comparison with others in the industry. But, remember the most essential way of using the results is as a benchmark for yourself. If you're constantly improving your NPS, you're most likely more inclined to continue improving your growth, revenue and customer satisfaction.

6. Do You Feel Anything is Missing on the Website?

Reason to Ask: Your website pages should offer your visitors with the information they desire, regardless of the type of business - news sites, for instance, should provide readers with all information regarding certain events, e-commerce sites' product pages should show products, its price, variants, etc.

Survey Question Tip: Show this question after the visitor has scrolled at least 75% or more of the page. They’ll already know what's on the page and if something is missing.

Add these questions to your next survey website and see what a difference it makes.
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