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What are the best questions for your employee engagement survey

Posted on 11/13/2019 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

An employee engagement survey is used for measuring several factors contributing to employee performance and retention. Many, if not all, companies conduct annual employee surveys. Companies typically use the results they obtained from the surveys to improve organizational culture and drive change. According to Gallop, a highly engaged organization has 21 percent higher profitability.

If you're concerned about the satisfaction level of your employees or just want to understand what makes them tick, all you need to do is simply ask them. Here are some of the best questions to include on your employee engagement survey tool.

1. Questions for Measuring Engagement at the Job Level

Questions like these can help you obtain a better understanding of whether you're placing your employees in the right roles and if they have all the resources they require to perform at their best.

- Are you excited about the work you do every day?
- Do you have the right resources to help you perform at a higher level?
- Are you gaining valuable experience and skills with your daily work to help you in your future career?
- Do your job responsibilities interfere with your life outside of the workplace?
- Are you recognized for a job well done?

2. Questions for Measuring Management and Team

These online survey software questions can help you understand how satisfied your employees are with management and the team.

- Do you feel valued and heard by your manager?
- Do you enjoy working with your team?
- Do you trust your colleagues and those on your team?
- Does management/leadership show a real interest in your career goals?

3. Questions for Measuring How your Employees Interact with their Co-Workers Daily
These questions can help you measure how well your employees are interacting with their co-workers.

- Are your co-workers clear on each person's responsibilities and roles?
- Are your co-workers able to communicate with each other effectively?
- Do your co-workers resolve conflicts quickly and respectfully when they arise?
- Do you trust your co-workers to do the right thing?
- Do you feel respected by your co-workers?

4. Questions for Measuring Personal Development
These questions can help you gage your employees' sense of personal development.

- Is this a good place for you to develop your career?
- Do you see yourself working here in two years?
- Do you clearly understand the next steps in your career here?
- Are you excited and challenged by the work you perform here?

5. Open-Ended Questions to Add on your Employee Engagement Survey Software

It's always good to add a couple open-ended questions that allow your employees to comment and express themselves. Open-ended comments can provide you with a wealth of detailed and qualitative information on the reasons behind the scores from your employee engagement survey. Two simple and effective open-ended questions are:

- What are our organization's greatest strengths?
- What areas does our organization need to improve the most?

You don't want to add more than a couple of open-ended questions because it will significantly lengthen the time your survey takes to complete and may lead to survey abandonment.

These questions are a great start to building your employee engagement survey. You will want to add additional questions that measure satisfaction components for better attracting and retaining employees.

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