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What are the best product survey questions to use in an online survey

Posted on 10/16/2019 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Product surveys are tools that companies use to learn what their customers or users think about their products. Conducting a survey before you launch a product will allow you to see what your targeted demographic really wants and needs. Not to mention, it could help you design and create your product, or improve an existing product.

Therefore, you shouldn't forget how essential product research is during all stages of your product’s lifecycle. But, what are the best questions to ask on your product survey?

1. How frequently do you use our products?

Start simple. Asking this question will allow you to see which of your products your consumers are using and how often they use them. It will help you understand which products are making customers happy and those that aren't.

2. How would you compare our products to our competitors’?

This question is where you just come right out with it. If your competition is offering a similar product as yours, you're going to want to know how you're stacking up. By knowing how your customers see your products, it can reveal some useful insights. Your product online survey software can tell you how to promote your products to the right people in the right way.

3. How can we improve our product?

Most customers will have some idea of how you can improve your products, because they're the ones who are using them. Having your customers fill out your product survey tool about the improvements they think you could make will not only provide you with valuable insight, but also will help your customers feel more invested and engaged in your product. You'll also come across has shown genuine interest in the needs of your customers, which they'll appreciate.

4. Do you dislike anything about our product?

While you, of course, want to learn what your customers like about your product, it's also helpful to learn if there's anything they dislike about it too. Allowing your customers to voice their concerns will help you improve on your product.

5. What essential features are we missing?

This can help you plan out new products and features later on. Often, companies will spend a great deal of money and time into a new product, only to find their customers don't have any use for it. This question will reveal the features your customers are looking for so you can consider them for future products.

The best questions to ask your customers about your products aren't limited to these five questions by any means, but they are helpful in determining how to apply surveys effectively to your products and move forward. Just make sure you keep your questions easy to understand, clearly written, short and to the point. Utilizing product survey software can help you more easily create and deploy your surveys, while also offering analytical feedback results.
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