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What a learning styles survey teaches you

Posted on 3/18/2020 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

You may have overlooked the fact that no two individuals are alike in their learning style. Each person is unique. There isn't one certain way of learning that's best. It can be very beneficial for you to gain an understanding of your employees' or students' learning style.

For instance, it could help you gain insight on your students or staff so you can help increase their learning experiences, so you can provide value that will help them learn in their own distinct way. One effective way of gaining this understanding of their learning styles is by implementing online survey software that's designed to highlight and differentiate various learning style types.

Benefits of a Learning Styles Survey

There are numerous advantages to identifying how your employees or students process information most effectively. Some benefits are:

- Provides them with a head start and increases their learning potential
- Reduces their frustration and stress of their learning experiences
- Allows them to learn "their way" through their own best methods
- Expands their existing studying and learning techniques
- Allows you to manage your team more efficiently
- Makes it so your staff or students will enjoy their learning process
- Allows you to stay updated professionally
- Provides you with an edge over your competition
- How Learning Styles Survey Software Teaches you

A learning styles survey tool helps you (your employees or students):

1. Learn your Unique Style of Learning

Different learning styles are:

- Aural (auditory-musical): Prefers to learn through music and sound
- Visual (spatial): Prefers to learn through images, pictures and spatial understanding
- Logical (mathematical): Prefers to learn through reasoning, logic and systems
- Verbal (linguistic): Prefers to learn through word use; both in writing and speech
- Solitary (intrapersonal): Prefers to use self-study and work alone
- Physical (kinesthetic): Prefers to learn using hands, body and sense of touch
- Social (interpersonal): Prefers to learn with other individuals or in groups

2. Improves Time Management Skills

By using a learning styles survey to get an understanding of different learning styles, you can develop better skills in time management. You can incorporate objectives, lessons, or training that's completely customized for working with your employees' or students' learning styles. And, as a result, you have better use of your time since you won't be wasting time on ineffective training/teaching methods.

3. Create Better Team Spirit

When your employees or students feel they're being taught in a way they truly comprehend and understand, it will improve the chances of them experiencing an enhanced sense of team spirit. This enhanced team spirit can result in better morale and increased motivation.

Learning styles provide more influence than you might think. It guides how people think and learn, changes how they recall information and internally represent experiences and even the words they choose. By implementing learning styles online survey software, you'll be placing yourself one step ahead of your competition and will be providing yourself with an effective way of improving your employees' or student's overall learning experience.

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