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Website evaluation surveys drive higher retention visitor satisfaction and revenue

Posted on 6/13/2012 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Do you know if your website is helping or hurting your business? Less than seamless customer experiences coupled with poor website design can not only negatively impact customer satisfaction, but sales as well. Website visitors that are getting lost in a sea of pages or confused about your site's navigation and layout are less likely to follow through on making a purchase.

Fortunately, you can tell where you website stands by using a website evaluation survey tool. A website evaluation survey is an online survey software based assessment that measures how well your website is performing in relation to key experience metrics, including ease of use, successful task completion, likelihood of purchase, or repeated site visits.

The initial goal of a  website evaluation survey is to obtain a baseline as to how well your site is doing today. However, the overall goal is to identify problem areas and areas of improvement to drive higher retention, visitor satisfaction, and revenue.

Evaluating your website helps you see how well your site is currently meeting your organization's goals and objectives, and which e-commerce features are working and which aren't. Gathering information from your website users through online survey software for website evaluations is essential to understanding how quickly users can find information on your website, how efficient the functionality is on the site, and how much visitors or customers enjoy their website experience.

While standard website analytics is a helpful tool, a website evaluation survey goes beyond standard website statistical reporting. It provides valuable insight into visitor and customer perceptions by providing feedback on how well the website is performing in strategic and key areas.

With today's always connected world, your website is one of your most important -- if not the most important -- communication tool. It allows customers to interact with you at their convenience -- day or night.

Feedback from a website evaluation survey enables you to make improvements in such areas as website navigation, shopping cart conversions, and social networking. Website evaluation surveys help you to improve the check-out process, reduce shopping cart abandonment, increase visitor time, and expand inventory and content to meet customers' always changing needs.

website evaluation survey is more than just collecting customer feedback though. It's also helps you analyze your customer and visitor's feedback; What areas of your site do your customer's most enjoy? How can you strategically maneuver page and site layout to not only improve your customer's experience, but also improve you bottom line?

Happy website visitors are more likely to linger on your site increasing your likelihood of sales. Keep in mind, it's wise to not only review your website as it currently stands, but every time you implement a revision, update, or site redesign.

Overall, website evaluation testing through survey software enables not only quantitative analysis, but qualitative and behavioral website visitor and customer analysis to ensure accurate and targeted recommendations for website improvements.

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