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Website evaluation survey for mobile optimization

Posted on 6/27/2018 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

During the fourth quarter of 2017, 24 percent of digital commerce was conducted via mobile websites. If you haven’t optimized your website for mobile audiences, have you prepared to leave nearly one-quarter of your business on the table? 

More troublesome for businesses that have not yet optimized their sites for mobile audiences is the fact that the switch for mobile sites for shopping is a trend that is experiencing phenomenal growth in a few short years – and experts expect the upward trend to continue so that 24 percent is likely only going to grow over time.

Why Optimize Your Website for Mobile Users?

Aside from the obvious income you’re leaving on the table by not optimizing for mobile users, a failure to do so sends a message to your audience that your business is not as up-to-date and accommodating as today’s buying audience prefers.

These are just a few of the benefits your business receives when you optimize your website to accommodate the needs of smartphone users:

- You give your customers the impression that your business is on trend, modern, and relevant to their shopping needs.
- Google rewards businesses that are optimized for mobile audiences.
- It allows you to capitalize on foot traffic from web users who are nearby.
- Doing so helps you build your brand.
- You get to set the pace if you’re the first among your competitors to make the transition.

More importantly, you get the business that might otherwise go to your competitors because your site is optimized for mobile users when theirs are not.

Conduct Your Own Survey

Don’t take anyone’s word for it, though, conduct your own mobile website evaluation survey. Just remember to ask how participants are accessing your survey too. The number of participants answering via mobile device is likely to startle you at first.

Even among people who use mobile devices themselves to conduct research, read emails, and shop, they are often staggered by the sheer number of others who enjoy the same convenience.

Use Online Survey Software to Optimize Your Survey

The right survey software allows you to optimize your surveys for a variety of audiences, including those who are accessing your surveys via mobile websites and through email. Working with an industry leader in online survey software and tools ensures you get the survey tool selection you need to create surveys that get the attention of your target audience and facilitate easy participation for them as well.

Make sure you ask your cell phone and tablet users, specifically, to evaluate your website for ease of use on mobile devices, how often they shop on mobile devices, and if they find your current website a user-friendly place for mobile browsers to buy. You might learn a lot by listening to their replies.

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