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Value of using physician surveys for patient feedback

Posted on 5/9/2018 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

Physician surveys for patient feedback are essential no matter what specialty you're in. When you ask for your patient's opinion, it shows you care about their thoughts and opinions. Asking for your patients' feedback regarding their experience with your practice shows them you want to ensure the quality of care and that you're always looking for ways you can improve upon your office and practice -- and the way you care for your patients.

For you to keep your existing patients happy and consistently bring in new patients, you need to ensure your patients are satisfied with the care they receive and feel appreciated. And, you need to ask questions in order to ensure your patient's satisfaction level is high. Around 90 percent of patients stated a solid-doctor-patient relationship is the most important part of a quality healthcare system, according to The Physicians Foundation.

You must realize, the feedback your patients provide you through your online survey software is just a glimpse at how they actually feel. Therefore, it’s important you're asking the right questions. And allowing for open-ended answers gives patients an opportunity to elaborate on their thoughts. Often you can gain some real insight into how the patients are feeling about your practice.

Physician survey software for patient feedback makes a huge impact on your practice. Patient feedback can help you:

- Set quarterly or yearly goals for your practice to maximize productivity and profitability and continue improving patient care
- Plan improvement projects
- Recognize the staff members who are always ensuring things are running smoothly and efficiently
- Benchmark success by making a comparison with last quarter's/year's surveys

So why implement a survey tool?

Reasons to Conduct Physician Surveys for Patient feedback

These surveys enable you to learn what your patients deem important. While it may seem minor, how your patients are treated the minute they walk into your office is important. So, are your workers at the front desk helpful and friendly? Do your patients end up waiting for longer time periods without receiving any explanations? Do you offer toys and a play area for children during their wait?

While these may seem minor, they play a huge role in overall patient satisfaction. They all can factor into whether or not your patients look elsewhere to get their health care. Today, patients have a plethora of healthcare choices, and you want them to remain loyal to you. Also, if you find your patients don't engage in your survey software as much as you had hoped, you may want to offer them some type of incentive for providing their honest feedback like a coupon for a free service you offer.

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