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Using the power of a quiz maker for better email marketing

Posted on 12/23/2015 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Email marketing can be an efficient way to acquire and retain customers. The challenge, however, is setting up your email campaigns so that they grab your reader's' attention and engage them. This is more than just sending out product updates to your subscribers list. To really be effective, you have to think out of the box. Quizzes are an effective marketing technique and offer a lot of advantages.

1. Keeps Newsletters From Becoming Old And Stale

You can add a little fun in your content with quiz survey software. Quizzes can help to generate leads, drive social awareness, and even push customer sales. Although there is an effective, standard outline for good quizzes, which includes the headline, generating leads, questions and social sharing), you will be amazed to find out how few marketers actually incorporate them into their online marketing techniques. Quizzes can help keep your newsletters from becoming stale and old. They can keep your audience engaged.

2. Increase Open Mail Click Rates

Your goal, in other situations, should be to get your existing website visitors to become customers or even just email subscribers. For this to be the most effective through quizzes, you should place a quiz on the most popular page of your website or your homepage.

3. Keep Current and Prospective Customers Engaged

When done right, quizzes are entertaining, shareable, engaging and very informative. If you were to look at Buzzfeed, you would get a good idea. Rather than scrolling or reading through an eBook or blog mindlessly, quizzes grab the attention of readers and force them to pay attention and actively engage with the questions that are put in front of them. You can also use a quiz survey tool to attract potential prospects and even have these prospects talk themselves right into a sale.

4. Quizzes Encourage Sharing

Your success will grow the more shareable you make your quiz results. You accomplish share-ability through your headlines and descriptions as well as your call to actions. If people find your online survey software quizzes interesting enough, they will share them. To get your quiz survey tool to go viral, it has to be simple to take. You want respondents to move through your questions quickly and with ease on both mobile and desktop devices.

5. Meant To Entertain, But Can Help Gain Sales

The intent of quizzes is to help your consumers find products that suit their individual interests. Your questions should lead your consumers to an ideal product relevant to their answers which will increase your sales.

6. Generate Personalized Product Recommendations Based On Quiz Results

So, you have people filling out your quizzes, now what? Wait for around one to two weeks and close the deal with them. You can use things like coupons, discounts, or online webinar sign ups to convert your prospects into buying customers. Your goal is to give prospects a reason to buy from you and into your brand.

Once you have created your quiz, posted it on your website or into some type of online survey software, distributed it and followed up through email marketing or other marketing automation, you are well on your way to success. Take the process slowly and don't start trying to convert them until after your fourth email.
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