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Using survey software to conduct a request for proposals - RFP

Posted on 5/14/2014 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
The vendor selection process can be a lengthy process for many businesses. In today's business economy, though, minutes matter. An RFP (Request for Proposal) is an excellent way to get vendors to present their best offers to you.

Unfortunately, pouring through those offers and sifting through the information manually can be quite tedious -- in addition to a time consuming process. Additionally, there is no way to ensure that all suppliers are providing the same critical pieces of information to help you make an effective decision.

These are just a few of the benefits you'll enjoy when using a survey tool for the RFP process.

Delivers Better Quality Proposals

Using online survey software changes the dynamics of your RFP requests and the quality of responses you receive from vendors. You can ensure that you get the information from vendors you need in order to make an informed decision rather than only getting the information they want you to have. 

Streamlines the RFP Process when time is of the essence, every step, such as using survey software for the RFP, that saves time is one worth considering. This particular step allows you to quickly compare the differences between vendors in order to eliminate those that do not meet your needs. Its efficiency enables you to zero in on the best vendor(s) for your needs, your wants, and your budget.

Allows Convenient Results Tracking

Online survey software allows you to monitor and track results wherever you may be. You can access them via your smartphone while watching your child play soccer, from the beach for a day with the family, or during halftime or hockey intermissions.

Recognized the Value of Vendors' Time

Many businesses fail to recognize or place a value on the time of the vendors when asking for RFPs. The truth of the matter is that wise business owners understand that these relationships are mutually beneficial. By respecting the time of vendors by providing a more streamlined method of submitting RFPs, you're earning their respect, as well as their thoughtful participation in the process.

Provides You with Consistent, Easy to Read Results

The real beauty of using a web-based survey tool for the RFP process is that you get results back in a consistent, easy to read format. This means that you can quickly sift through data from various companies and know where in the report to find the information that matters most to you.

You can even have the survey software do the work of creating charts or graphs identifying standout vendors for you. This makes your job of finding the perfect match of services, price, and quality easy, while empowering you during the request for proposal process.

The key with survey software is to make it work for you. Using it for RFPs saves your business time. In today's workplace, time is money. Ultimately you save two of the most precious commodities businesses have in today's economy. It doesn't get much better than that.
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