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Using online survey software for your valuation survey

Posted on 7/25/2018 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Are you in the process of purchasing a new home or business property? No doubt, when making such a big investment it’s important to be informed with all the information you need to make the best decision. Fortunately, there are several measures you can take to make sure you are knowledgeable about the house or property you’re investing in.

Often, buyers choose to have a professional perform a land survey and an inspection of the property. A mortgage valuation survey is another helpful tool that can help you learn all there is to know about a property.

Understanding A Lender’s Valuation Survey

Typically, a lender will have a valuation survey performed by a qualified surveyor. They will utilize survey software for the valuation survey, in addition to a visual inspection. Valuation surveys are conducted on the specific property that you’re interested in buying. Lenders require it when you're getting a mortgage. This survey tool provides an independent confirmation of the value of the establishment and it compares prices of similar properties in the area.

An additional benefit of a valuation survey is that it will let the lender know if there any significant defects or potential issues that could impact the value of the property. These factors are important because the lender wants to make sure that property is well worth the money that’s being invested.

Using Online Survey Software

In addition, to the traditional valuation survey, there are several other types of surveys you can have conducted on a property. The most common is a building survey, homebuyer survey, and a condition report. A condition report is the most basic survey type that is meant to accompany a valuation report. The condition survey uses a traffic light color indication to let the buyer know the true condition of the property. A homebuyers survey is generally conducted by a residential specialist.

This report entails practical information such as broadband speed, boundary issues, and a damp assessment. A building survey is the most extensive. It includes a detailed report of everything about the property including the condition of the floors, walls, and it also provides timely repair advice.

How can online survey software be in a valuation survey? Survey software can help streamline both the most basic home survey option to the most extensive one. Both the homeowner and lender will be able to easily access the survey results if online survey software is utilized. It also offers some protection to for both parties. Yes, this survey tool offers amazing flexibility, it’s user-friendly and more importantly, you can get the data that you need.
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