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Using feedback survey software as a post-chat satisfaction survey

Posted on 7/24/2019 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

Post-chat online survey software is becoming increasingly recognized as a powerful survey tool for collecting customer feedback after a chat ends. A post-chat survey is a questionnaire that pops up after a live chat ends, or if the chat visitor supplied their email address, the post-chat satisfaction survey can be sent via email.

It allows your visitors to comment and rate your live chat operators so you can see how satisfied your customers or visitors are with the service provided through the live chat.

Benefits of Post-Chat Feedback Survey Software

There are numerous benefits of post-chat survey software, including:

- It allows you to retain more leads.
- It helps you build more connections
- It helps keep more existing customers if you're taking immediate action.
- It helps you move forward with positive feedback and identify where you need improvement with negative feedback.

Things to consider are:

1. Ensure your Survey is Accessible

In today's generation, many are not willing to spend more than a minute searching for things online, especially not for a customer feedback survey. Therefore, by making sure your survey is accessible and easy to find, it can lead to a higher volume of responses. And, because you require a representative sample for obtaining accurate results, you'll want as many client participants as you can.

2. Keep your Post-Chat Survey Brief

If you have a three-page interrogation for your post-chat survey, your visitors will avoid it like the plague. So, you'll want to keep the length of your survey short to keep your participants focused.

3. Be Clear on your Objective

Many customers don't realize customer feedback surveys are meant for initiating change within a company. By adding in a sentence or two like, "We would like your feedback to help us improve our service," gives your customers an incentive to provide you with meaningful responses.

While many companies offer incentives for customer feedback, simply by making the goal behind your surveys clear, that's usually motivation enough for many to provide it. Once your visitors and customers realize your post-chat surveys are a way in which they can express their wants and needs to you, they'll be more inclined to offer you more thoughtful feedback.

4. Measure, Track and Take Action on the Feedback you Receive

Knowledge is great; however, it's when you act on it that makes it useful. And, try to keep in mind that your customer's opinions towards your company are always changing because of things like:

- New employees
- Business climate
- Support requirements

This is why you also should be tracking these changes as well over time or you may not be taking the proper action on the data you receive.

When you measure and track the data you receive, it helps you identify exactly where your customers' attitudes changed, so you can maintain what you're doing well, rectify perceived failures and avoid past mistakes. To do this properly, you should always be tracking the data you're receiving. Once you've obtained historical data, it will allow you to monitor trends in the information you receive and make informed decisions about different business aspects.

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