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Using an exit survey to reduce employee churn

Posted on 10/4/2017 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

When an employee of your organization hands in their resignation, is an exit survey part of their exit interview? As a human resources manager (HRM), you may be asking yourself if you should have the employee take a survey and if it's even important. Understanding the reason behind employee resignations is vital to employee retention.

Understanding your Employee Turnover

When you have an unusually high rate of staff turnover, otherwise known as employee churn, it could be an indication of problems within the company. Things like micromanagement, uncompetitive pay scales, unreasonable expectations and ineffective HR management can all result in higher levels of employee turnover.

The goal of using employee exit online survey software is so you can receive feedback from departing employees that will give you insight on how you can improve management practices and reduce your organization's voluntary turnover rate.

Allow each departing employee time to answer all questions on the exit survey so they'll be thorough. To improve the culture of your office, you'll need to gather up as much feedback as you can. In small, and even mid-sized companies, employee exit surveys can be uncomfortable, given the closeness of management and staff. In these types of settings, online survey software can offer the privacy that employees want in order to give back their honest thoughts.

Exit Interview Questions
There are certain questions you can ask on your survey tool. Some include:

1- How do they feel about their time at your company?
2- Where was the company coming up short?
3- Do they have any improvement suggestions?
4- What management could have done to stop them from leaving?
5- How their new job fulfills their career goals?

There are a variety of reasons why employee turnover has deeper business implications. For instance, voluntary staff turnover can be expensive to the company. Some estimates say turnover costs could cost the company one fifth of the annual salary of an employee.

Also, turnover often reduces the productivity of the whole team, particularly because of uncompensated extra workloads. This can cause tension and stress among your team leading to a decline in company morale.

If you incorporate exit interview survey software into your overall employee exit strategy, you'll gather insight of where you're excelling and where you're failing. As you gather more information with your exit surveys, you'll begin to see patterns. And, as your "needs improvement" list grows, you'll have a detailed list of the changes you need to make in your organization to reduce employee turnover.

Over time, online survey software for exit surveys is a sound investment. It pays for itself in terms of reduced employee churn, higher productivity, and a stable workforce.

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