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Using an Employee Self-Assessment Survey to Set 2020 Performance Goals

Posted on 2/12/2020 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

If you're looking to set performance goals for 2020, one great way to do this is to conduct an employee self-assessment survey. Employee self assessment survey software is a great approach for engaging your employees in the process of setting career goals and looking at performance.

Self-evaluations are an essential part of your company's performance review process and help your employees learn how they're actually performing in the workplace. They also help them learn areas where they could improve.

Many employees, unfortunately, don't look forward to this yearly review process because they're not sure how to summarize and balance their achievements with their weaknesses. Here's how you can encourage your employees to fill out the employee self-assessment online survey software in a way that will help them.

1. Set Goals

Have them use the self-assessment survey tool to measure how their present progress is aligning with their career goals. Their self-assessment shouldn't just reflect what they're doing presently, but where they wish to go. They can use their self-assessment for expressing their ambitions so they can then come to you to see how they can move ahead. They need to be honest and humble, however.

Let them know that your feedback doesn't mean they're doing anything wrong, but rather it's to help them accept suggestions and establish goals that will serve their professional growth.

2. Highlight Soft Skills

Employee performance should rely on various measurable qualitative and quantitative factors. For instance, certain characteristics can be just as essential to your employees' success and your company's competitiveness, such as:

• Communication effectiveness
• Strategic contributions in a team setting
• Leadership skills
• Conflict management skills

For example, your employees can make personal development goals such as contributing more in team meetings for certain projects or striving to reduce negative work confrontations between their performance reviews until they've reached none at all.

3. Highlight Performance

Have them decide on the areas they need to focus on to improve their performance. Have them turn to you for some feedback on ways they can improve. Are they focusing more on tasks that are keeping them from contributing to projects your company needs the most. Maybe they'd be a better fit in a different area of your company.

4. Highlight Efficiency

Employees who are more efficient don't make as many mistakes and can raise their productivity levels without reducing the quality of their work. For example, you could encourage your employees to practice better interaction with customers to get a better idea of their needs to help reduce the number of customer complaints.

Whatever strategy you use for encouraging better performance from your employees, consider implementing employee self-assessment surveys into this strategy. You can gain better insight into what motivates your employees and they can appreciate constructive input from you that will help them improve on their performance. 

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