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Using an employee self assessment survey to engage

Posted on 12/13/2017 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
An employee self-assessment survey is an integral part of your company's performance development planning process. You can use this self-evaluation survey to involve and engage your employees in looking closer at their own performance. This survey tool, when carried out properly, can provide your organization with several benefits.

It encourages active employee participation in the performance appraisal process. Implementing employee self-evaluations into your overall performance management strategy allows your employees to take an active role in their performance ratings and appraisal. It gives them a voice instead of having them simply be a recipient of their manager's feedback. Active participation like this helps engage your employees more with both their review and performance process overall.

It identifies perception differences. Self-evaluation survey software can help identify perception differences and keeps you out of the dark on the feelings of your staff. You can prepare better for the appraisal meeting with the information you get instead of sitting in awkward silence as you hurt employees' egos. Employees will also start to see a direct link between self-assessments and their work, which means more reasons for them to stay loyal to your company and have better job satisfaction.

It allows employees to prepare. When employees can conduct the preparation before their performance review meeting, it allows them to spend some time considering what they want to accomplish and achieve in their careers. It allows them to prepare thoughtfully for their appraisal or performance development planning meeting with their manager. They can take into consideration things such as the next promotion they would like to work at getting or what help they need to achieve their future goals.

It enables employees to self-reflect. Self-assessment online survey software gives employees the opportunity to seriously consider their contribution and level of performance. When you're encouraging your staff to set stretch goals, this is particularly important. When employees can self-reflect on the possibilities, it enhances their ability to aim for higher goals. And this is much different than their managers expecting more from them. It's about the employee expecting more out of themselves, which is much better for performance.

An employee self-assessment survey gives your employees an opportunity to consider not their job, but their career. It enables them to plan out the bigger picture of their career journey. Self-evaluations let you ask your employees important questions one at a time instead of a 10-page evaluation form that can be overwhelming. It gives your employees time to carefully consider their answers in an honest and natural way. Employee self-appraisal survey software is your way to foster better communication between your employees and managers, and in an organized and efficient manner.
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