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Using a training survey to measure the effectiveness of your training program

Posted on 4/11/2018 by Elizabeth in category: survey software tips

Development evaluations and training surveys help companies measure how effective their development and training programs are and identify any changes needed to make improvements. 

At some time in their life, many people will utilize some type of skills and knowledge training so they can gain the skills they need quickly. Most students, whether in the classroom or corporate workplace, will all have a common objective — they want training on a new skill they can effectively use as soon as possible afterwards. And, most individuals expect some improvements in their skills right after they complete the training session.

A training survey tool will help you evaluate the success of your training. Training survey software will provide you with participant feedback which will help you:

- Measure the reactions of your participants
- Improve your training curriculum and content
- Optimize the training costs
- Assess participant learning
- Target certain groups with specific instructional methods
- Track over time the transfer of training

Training evaluation surveys provide you with the exact questions you need to ask about the instructors and training sessions. You may collect feedback to:

- Identify your trainees' expectations
- Identify your trainees' existing skill sets
- Evaluate the progress you've made
- Develop additional training sessions for a targeted group
- Address any questions and concerns

Also, before you can develop an efficient training session, you need to have a certain goal in place for your targeted trainees. Even though topics for developing a training session are endless, before you run the training, you need to choose the right topic and identify your participants' needs. To do this, you can send out a training needs assessment survey.

Some questions you could put on your training online survey software are:

- How satisfied are you with the training you received?
- What are the chances of you recommending the training to someone else?
- Did you receive the content promised?
- How engaging was the trainer?
- Did you learn a new skill?
- Was the training information actionable?

Your trainees' memory of your training course will likely fade away quickly. Therefore, you'll want to ensure you gather feedback quickly after your training session. The easiest approach is often sending an email to all attendees with an invitation to an online training survey within 24 hours after the training session. This will ensure the information is still fresh in your trainees' minds and you'll obtain the most accurate feedback.

Ultimately, you're depending on your team to maintain your company's competitive edge and drive performance. So, how will you know your training sessions are contributing to your company's growth? You find this information out through a training survey. And using one with online survey makes this task easier.

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