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Using a target survey to identify your audience

Posted on 3/3/2021 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

Well-designed online survey software can help you reveal what consumers want and what makes them motivated to buy. It can also provide you with competitive advantages in the marketplace. This is a crucial step for small businesses and startups planning on launching a new product or service. A target survey tool can help you identify your audience if you do it the right way. It’s one of the most crucial steps to find the right match for your product and service.

Here are some tips in using a target survey to identify your audience.

1. Send to a Balanced General Population Sample

Your first step for reaching your target market is sending out your survey to a balanced general population sample. Some demographic information that should be included in your survey is:

• Age range
• Gender
• Household income
• Each survey respondent's U.S. census region
• Type of device they'll be using to take your survey

Your demographic questions should also be relevant for your category.

2. Determine your Targeted Audience's Desired Action

Is it?

• Donating to your company
• Buying your products or services
• Advocating by educating others and spreading the word
• Volunteering for an event
• Becoming a partner or vendor

3. What Challenges, Needs, and Frustrations Are They Dealing With?

Gaining an understanding of where your target audience's frustrations and needs are will help shift the conversation to how you can help them, instead of how they can help you (purchase your product). This is often a subtle communication distinction.

4. What Drives Them to Make Their Buying Decisions?

What influences your target audience to take that final step and buy from you? What are the obstacles that get in their way? These are key questions to ask in your target survey.

5. Narrow Your Audience Down Even Further

This may be easier to say than it is to do, depending on the available information. Ideally, you'll want to narrow down your target audience to the individuals who best align with the objectives of your survey.

For instance, if your goal is increasing your customer retention rates, you'll want to ask your former customers their reason behind not returning to your company. But, you'll need to dig a bit deeper first.

So, if you sell high-end products for babies, as an example, you'd want to eliminate those families whose kids have grown out of baby clothing, particularly if they were loyal customers of yours. Obviously, the reason behind them not buying from you anymore is because they can't use your product any longer. If it's another reason, you may be able to improve on something that will gain their business back.

Identifying your target audience can be the tough part. But it can be made easier with the right target survey. And, once you do correctly identify your target audience, you can hit the bullseye with your marketing message.

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