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Using a target survey to analyze your target market in 2019

Posted on 1/9/2019 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Whether you are in the beginning stages of launching a business or planning on expansion knowing your target market is crucial for success. The target market lets businesses know exactly who is purchasing their products or services, which allows them to develop a plan for reeling them in.

There are several measures an organization can take to define market segmentation. Launching a targeted survey to analyze the customers that your business mainly serves can be helpful.

Survey for Target Market Analysis

What is a target market analysis? Essentially, a target market analysis is an in-depth study that companies perform to find out who they're potential customers so they can determine how to sell to them. The market analysis focuses on five areas:

1. Who

Of course, the first step is to determine who your customers are; this includes information such as gender, race, occupation, and education.

2. What

What are your perspectives on customers, needs, desires, and hobbies? Knowing this information is important because it will let you know what products and services are geared towards.

3. When

When are your customers most likely to make a purchase? Is it seasonally or are they likely to use your service or product on a regular basis?

4. Where

Where are your customers located? Narrowing they're location based on population can be helpful. Considering additional factors such as where they work and the size of the area they live in is all part of developing a target market analysis.

5. Why

Why do your customers need your product or service? It’s important to find out why what you have to offer is important to your customers.

Implementing A Market Target Survey

Perhaps the best way to launch an analysis is to conduct a target market survey. This allows businesses to find the answer to these questions via the survey. Organizations can utilize online survey software to generate engaging surveys that allow them to obtain such vital data.

To create a target market survey, you’ll want to factor in these considerations:

Designing the Right Questions

Before you begin writing down a list of questions, be sure to take some time to think about what type of data that you want to get from this survey. You’ll want to avoid loading respondents with questions that aren’t related to your goals.

Creating An Engaging Survey

Of course, you’ll want to get as many people engaged as possible. The best way to do this is to use quality survey software that helps businesses easily create interactive surveys that get results.

Launching Your Survey to the Masses

Finally, the last step is to get your survey out there. The great thing about using a survey tool is that you’ll be able to use it to promote the survey online as well as it sends it to the people on your email list.

Learning more about your target market isn’t difficult. It simply takes using online survey software to create and deploy your questionnaire.
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