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Using a prospect analysis survey to increase sales

Posted on 5/16/2018 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Marketing and sales can turn into a huge guessing game. Often businesses or marketers come up with methods they implement, but aren't quite sure whether or not their efforts are paying off. If they see a sale or two, they just assume their current strategy is working and they continue moving forward on them. When they don't see any improvement, they just continue tweaking it until the sales start rolling in. But, why all this guesswork when you have technology right at your fingertips that can make life easier for you? 

Benefits of Prospect Analysis Surveys

Technology like online survey software can help take the guesswork out of prospect analytics. Data analytics allows you to monitor the activities of your customers and prospects so you can tie them into certain sales efforts.

To do this, many businesses and marketers identify the key characteristics of their newest customers or prospects to enable them to create and target marketing and advertising campaigns to these buyer characteristics.

A prospect analysis survey provides you with the data you need to effectively target markets similar to your existing customers to help increase sales and grow your business.

By implementing this type of survey software, you're making your business more competitive so it stands out and is thereby more appealing to your prospects. So, how can a survey tool help your business? A prospect analysis survey can help you learn different things about your prospects such as:

- How they found your website, including if they clicked on a PPC ad you had running or found you through a natural search using a specific keyword. 
- What actions do they take once they reach your website; what pages they're clicking on, how long they're staying on each page or what things are they downloading from your site
- What their geographic location is
- What their social demographic is
- With a prospect analysis survey tool you can:
- Learn your prospects' or potential customers' price point
- Learn your prospects' opinion on the services or products you are promoting or plan to promote
- Learn any problems your prospects are experiencing that you may be able to solve

Gathering this type of data in your online survey software alone provides you with a solid idea of your prospects' interest levels, specific needs and potential value. Gut instinct and guesswork won't cut it when your marketing campaign relies on it as well as the success of your business. For you to retain current customers and bring in new business, you need the proper data. And you collect this essential data through prospect analysis survey software.
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