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Using a prospect analysis survey to find your best prospects

Posted on 9/21/2022 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

Sales and marketing can be a guessing game without some helpful tools. Understanding which prospects are worth pursuing further, and which aren’t is difficult unless you have data to give you the thumbs up or thumbs down.

Most companies know that every single interaction with an individual, vendor, or business is an opportunity to create a sale. But how do they know whether it is a promising prospect or one that is a long shot?

Thanks to prospect analysis, you realize the opportunity to learn more about these prospects and how your marketing methods are doing. Not only can you monitor your prospects and customers activities, but using prospect data analytics, you can link them to specific marketing and sales efforts. Through online survey software, you can learn which prospect you should pursue first, and which can be placed further down the list.

Businesses that aren't embracing a prospect survey tool, could very well be putting themselves behind their competition.

Below are ways a prospect analysis survey tool can help to find your best prospects and improve sales.

1. Predict Prospect Behaviors

Predictive analytics can be especially beneficial for sales and marketing teams. It allows your business to not only collect insightful information but also potentially utilize past behavior to predict events in the future. For instance, if your organization has been successful in selling a specific product type, predictive analytics can assist you in examining past customer interactions to predict how and where future product sales will likely happen.

You can use predictive analytics to target your most reliable leads from a list and call those first, rather than calling all leads on your list that may not even be interested.

2. Delve Deeper into Prospects Data

To assess the authority of your prospects, you might think about checking factors that play into evaluating the importance of prospects. This includes factors such as click-through rates on email blasts and social media presence.

3. Reposition Prospects in Order of Promise

With data analytics tracking factors, you can sort through prospects and rearrange them accordingly. You can add notes and status updates to more easily follow up with them. This can help you prioritize high-priority prospects and work through your list from the most potential for a conversion to the least.

4. Expand Beyond Online Data

Keep in mind that prospect analysis isn’t just restricted to online data, even though it is especially vital. It can be advantageous for things like service calls, event bookings, and tradeshows. It can help, not only to develop a better sales strategy for acquiring new customers but also serve as a marketing strategy tweak to strengthen current customer relationships.

A prospect analysis survey can help you learn more about your sales and marketing efforts and help you avoid ineffective activities and wasted time. When you can learn as much as possible about the way your prospects are interacting with your products, services, and/or sales and marketing teams, you can develop more well-informed pitches and email messages to lead to more sales and, of course, profits for your company.

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