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Using a human resource survey to recruit, hire and retain top employees

Posted on 10/26/2017 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

Satisfied employees are the foundation of a successful business or organization. So, how do you ensure you optimize your recruiting process effectively enough to find only the best people, that you optimize your benefits package in a way that will allow them to lead their life and that you're providing them optimal training so they can flourish in their careers? There's one simple answer — a human resource survey.

When you have a survey tool that will give your employees a way to express their opinions, you can gather feedback that will assist you in tweaking and improving your hiring, retention and managing system. To gain insight on employee morale, use your online survey software to ask about things like:

* LeadershipBenefits

* Job satisfaction

* FacilitiesRecruiting methods

* Management effectiveness

Below are a few areas you can focus on to get you started.

Overall Employee Satisfaction

You need to check in every once in a while with your personnel to get insight on how they feel about their career and the entire organization. Changes in management, policies or benefits can be the difference between a high turnover rate and productive, happy employees.

Career Training and Development

What continuing education, courses or otherwise, do your employees require to meet their goals? What does your team think about the organization's program for job training and development? Does your organization nurture your employees' career ambitions and goals?

Work/Life Balance

When your team feels like they have a good balance between work and life, they're more likely to stay productive and motivated. Healthcare, commutes, interests and good use of their skills all play a role. Ask them if the company's healthcare plan is sufficient and covers their healthcare costs. How much money do they have to spend on gas for the commute back and forth to work? Questions like these will give you an idea of the types of issues that could compromise a healthy, productive work environment.

Leadership Effectiveness

Good managers know how to bring the best out in their team. Get employees' opinions on management. Are your leaders motivational and supportive enough or do they need to improve a little? This type of feedback through your survey software will give you an idea of areas in management that could use some work.

Employee Benefits and Remuneration

Are you paying your employees enough? How does your benefits package rate to their needs? Would your employees like to see other benefits and perks? Do they feel they're being recognized and appreciated for their hard work?

Remember, your human resource survey should be able to reach everyone, everywhere. This means having mobile surveys as well where your employees can answer surveys through their smartphones and tablets too. You've spent a lot of time preparing your survey to be most effective; therefore you want to ensure all your employees receive it.

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